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  • Natural protection from the sun with VEGETABLE OILS

    Were you aware that there is a natural alternative to all sun products filled with components harmful to your health? Discover all the ESSENTIAL OILS and VEGETABLE OILS you could use in your homemade cosmetics that will protect you from the sun…   Sun protection and SPF A few reminders before getting in the thick […]

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  • How to use Geranium Essential Oil

    This EO is very interesting in at least 3 areas: repel mosquitoes, make cosmetics and oust haemorrhoids. Its gentle flowery scent is ideal for cosmetics. In addition to its scent, this EO also has marvellous properties. I am suggesting today to help you discover all the benefits of this EO for your skin and more… […]

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  • How aromatherapy can help soothe the pain of a torn muscle?

    You’re in dreadful pain as a result of a torn muscle?  Find out how aromatherapy can help you soothe the pain with a few well-chosen essential oils.   What is a torn muscle: explanation and symptoms The rupture of a muscle can occur at any time after a too intense physical effort. A torn muscle […]

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  • What essential oil should I use in my diffuser?

      EO have many properties effective in diffusion and there is no danger of addiction, so enjoy! The various effects and properties: – antimicrobial and antiviral: they are able to attack microbes and powerful viruses and destroy them as well as stop their proliferation ex: oregano, eucalyptus – antifungal: they prevent or treat infections due […]

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