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  • 12 Frequent mistakes for beginners using Essential Oils

    Health, home, cosmetics… essential oils, pleasant to use, are more and more part of our daily life. Natural remedies are now often an alternative to traditional medical treatments or are a complementary product. But beware, they can quickly become toxic. Here is a list of the most commonly made mistakes: Mistake n°1: not to seek […]

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  • fennel-essential-oil

    How to use fennel essential oil?

    With this very specific aniseed odour, its component anethol is also used in the manufacturing of spirits in the South of France and it reminds people of cicadas and the singing sound of the speech of the local people. All well and good, but the fennel essential oil is one of the EOs to handle […]

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  • Natural protection from the sun with VEGETABLE OILS

    Were you aware that there is a natural alternative to all sun products filled with components harmful to your health? Discover all the ESSENTIAL OILS and VEGETABLE OILS you could use in your homemade cosmetics that will protect you from the sun…   Sun protection and SPF A few reminders before getting in the thick […]

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  • How to use Geranium Essential Oil

    This EO is very interesting in at least 3 areas: repel mosquitoes, make cosmetics and oust haemorrhoids. Its gentle flowery scent is ideal for cosmetics. In addition to its scent, this EO also has marvellous properties. I am suggesting today to help you discover all the benefits of this EO for your skin and more… […]

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