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Where Nature Meets Bliss. The quality is for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need further information on how to use Essential Oils in your day to day life. There are so many benefits in using Essential oils: against so many diseases, protecting from the sun, sanitizing your house…


Today, we are glad to announce that we have a range of more than 70 essential oils, organic carrier oils and floral waters coming from trusted suppliers all over the world. Our customers are satisfied. And when they need further information, they contact us. Concerning the payment process, we have improved the customer experience by presenting now the famous “Afterpay payment processing”.

Protection from the Sun

For instance, did you know that vegetable oils can protect you from UVs ? But, most of the time, people purchase protective creams. Unfortunately, these creams often contain a lot of harmful substances for your health. That’s why you should never use them during a too long period. For further information, don’t hesitate to read our blog post about “Natural Protection From the Sun with Vegetable Oils” : Click here.

Reducing muscular pain

Peppermint or Helicrysum can really help in reducing muscular pain. You can massage the affected area, or add it to a bath. Our blog post about this subject will give you the necessary explanations: Click here.

Essential Oils against Hair loss

Both men and women are subject to hair loss. The reasons are mutilple: stress, anxiety, cold in winter or too much sun in summer, pollution… That’s why we strongly recommend the use of essential as a daily routine. For instance, the Grapefruit Essential Oil purifies the scalp, helps for the elimination of toxins, and creates a better environment for hair growth… Click here

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