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Our business is a family based business establishing in 2001. Pacific Scents mainly sell natural cosmetic products made with sandalwood essential oil. The high quality of the Pacific essential oils is indeed world renowned.
We complement our range of cosmetic products with a selection of essential oils from all over the world.
Since arriving in Australia, we decided to launch our exclusive range of sandalwood cosmetics here, while continuing to working closely with our essential oil producers overseas.
Pacific Scents is a boutique business ensuring we maintain our exclusive range as we believe each person is unique!
Our principal clients are cosmetic and perfume companies in Europe and Asia, and we are now proud to offer our range for purchase directly online!

Our Sandalwood

A botanist named Vieill has given the name austrocaledonicum o this very special species of Sandalwood. We can mainly find New Caledonian Sandalwood in the Loyalty Islands and on the Isle of Pines.
Santalum austrocaledonicum is close to the Indian sandalwood (le Santalum album) by its smell and composition.
It is completely different from Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum).
The principal clients are the most famous French cosmetic and perfumes companies.

Our SandalwoodPhysical Properties of the Oil (analysis July 2015)

Density at 20°C 0.970 ; Optical rotation at 20°C -18°

Chromatography of the Oil :
– cis α-santalol 47.71
– α –bergamotol 6.07
– epi α –santalol 0.67
– Epi- β santalol 0.20
– cis β –santalol 19.72


Our Distilleries

Our Distilleries

Sandalwood is a well-respected oil, holy and indispensable in religious and spiritual practices and used for centuries.

Also called liquid gold due to her precious nature, Sandalwood oil is used in Ayurveda, aromatherapy and is a key ingredient in many lotions and soaps thanks to its antimicrobial properties
The sandalwood tree is felled in the forest and the sapwood is removed before delivery to the distillery, as only the heart is rich in essential oil.
The wood is stocked for drying then milled to become woodchips. The double boiler, with a wood fire, heats the chips, the steam allows the wood to exude its essential oil. The next step is the cooler which gives a water and oil mixture. The last step is to use an ‘essencier’ or Florentine vase to separate the oil and the water by density. Once filtered, the oil is very pure.


The seedlings are raised in nurseries then transplanted in the forest. It is important to note that all stages up to harvesting are done in an artisanal manner – there are no industrial processes.
The local tribe members are in charge of planting, harvesting and the sale of sandalwood to the distilleries. Only 40-50 year trees are felled each year and natural regeneration is greater than the harvest. Also, the regeneration process requires three planted trees for one felled.
Trees are selected and identified by a hammering of the trunk and the cutting down controlled by the forest department. The authorized quantity does not exceed the natural capacity of regeneration. The tree nursery takes care of young trees, are then transplant them in a natural environment.

Our knowledge

We fell into the cauldron of essential oils more than 17 years ago. After having taken over a small distillation unit that we totally renovated and where we improved working conditions, we were able to install two more units. The government requested also the preservation of natural resources through setting a fixed quota regarding felling of trees and reforestation.

From odours to scents, from flower to tree, from contacts to experiences and readings, we became interested in all essential oils. This allowed us to find the best supply sources of essential oils cutting out many intermediaries.


At Pacific Scents, meet Nathalie for advice and recipes on beauty, health and wellbeing through the use of essential oils.





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