What essential oil should I use in my diffuser?

  EO have many properties effective in diffusion and there is no danger of addiction, so enjoy! The various effects and properties: – antimicrobial and antiviral: they are able to attack microbes and powerful viruses and destroy them as well as stop their proliferation ex: oregano, eucalyptus – antifungal: they prevent or treat infections due […]

Essential Oils AND gastro

Essential Oils can soothe all the unpleasant symptoms of a viral, bacterial or nervous gastro (stomach pains, nausea, vomiting…)    What is gastro enteritis: causes and symptoms? Gastro-enteritis is an inflammation of the intestinal and stomach mucous due to an infection of the digestive tube which can be of a viral or bacterial origin. When […]

Warts and Essential Oils

Warts are so ungainly that people prefer not to talk about them. And yet, when they are there, it is not easy to get rid of them.   Where do warts come from?   Warts are in fact small benign skin tumours (non-cancerous), contagious and due to a virus. When the papilloma virus enters the […]

Essential oils and chemistry

The chemical structure of an EO and its physiological activity are two elements strongly linked. Contrary to a pharmaceutical medication, made of one or more isolated molecules with a particular function, the EO is a compound of constituents belonging to different chemical families, each with its own specificities. This is why EO have more varied […]

Which essential oils this autumn?

You are dreading the approaching winter? In inhalation, by massage or orally, essential oils are a health asset to get through autumn, this transitory period when the morale and our immunity can be compromised. Here is the indispensable toolkit to blow away the blues.   The essential oils used against fatigue and asthenia The anti-fatigue […]