This blog aims to give information centred on the properties, indications and usage of essential oils. I am neither a doctor nor a pharmacist. Furthermore, what works for me may not necessarily work for you or may not suit your situation.

The information provided in this blog could not be considered as medical information nor engage my responsibility or that of the Pacific Scents blog as to your usage of essential oils for yourself or anyone else.
I strongly invite you to compare the information with that of authoritative experts and the opinion of health professionals.

Think of consulting your general practitioner for any therapeutic use.
Only he can give you a true diagnosis and suggest a treatment (dosage, frequency of use, etc…) keeping in mind your particular circumstances and the eventual counter-indications that could apply.


les 30 huiles essentielles incontournables (ASAP) – le choix des huiles essentielles (Girons)

huiles essentielles (Buronzo) – Ce qu’il faut savoir sur les Huiles essentielles (LVH)

Je me soigne avec les huiles essentielles (D. Festy)- L’aromathérapie (Dr J. Valnet) – Guide pratique d’aromathérapie chez l’animal de compagnie (D. Baudoux) – Guide pratique des huiles végétales (F. Gauchard)

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Essential Oils AND gastro

Essential Oils can soothe all the unpleasant symptoms of a viral, bacterial or nervous gastro (stomach pains, nausea, vomiting…)    What is gastro enteritis: causes and symptoms? Gastro-enteritis is an inflammation of the intestinal and stomach mucous due to an infection of the digestive tube which can be of a viral or bacterial origin. When

Warts and Essential Oils

Warts are so ungainly that people prefer not to talk about them. And yet, when they are there, it is not easy to get rid of them. Where do warts come from? Warts are in fact small benign skin tumours (non-cancerous), contagious and due to a virus. When the papilloma virus enters the

How to protect your skin from the cold

Now that we are well and truly in winter we feel that our skin is dryer and this is due to the cold air. It is important therefore to take great care of it during this period. The most important thing to think about is to hydrate our body thoroughly.   How does the


Essential oils and chemistry

The chemical structure of an EO and its physiological activity are two elements strongly linked. Contrary to a pharmaceutical medication, made of one or more isolated molecules with a particular function, the EO is a compound of constituents belonging to different chemical families, each with its own specificities. This is why EO have more varied


Which essential oils this autumn?

You are dreading the approaching winter? In inhalation, by massage or orally, essential oils are a health asset to get through autumn, this transitory period when the morale and our immunity can be compromised. Here is the indispensable toolkit to blow away the blues. The essential oils used against fatigue and asthenia The anti-fatigue

No more hair loss with essential oils!

Have you noticed that the trees have begun shedding their leaves? Winter is slowly coming and we… lose our hair! The reasons may vary and are numerous: stress, tiredness, hormonal imbalance…; tobacco, air pollution or too much sun in summer may all contribute to hair loss. Looking at figures: On average, we all lose

Which Eucalyptus Essentail Oil is best?

Eucalypt trees are native to Australia and are known, among other things, for being the food of koalas. They were grown in swampy areas to dry out the land and rid it of disease-carrying insects. From time immemorial, indigenous people have been using eucalyptus leaves to cleanse and prepare the body for the winter season,

tooth decay

Tooth decay and sore mouth

Your mouth is the entry point to a permanent breeding ground for bacteria. Everyone is therefore keen to take good care of ones’ teeth and keeping a perfect hygiene of the mouth. The regular use of EO allows to limit unpleasant visits to the dentist. The products used by dentists are very often made from

tooth decay

Essential oils coming to the aid of your teeth

Whitening ones’ teeth, regaining a fresh breath, avoiding dental cavities, fighting dental plaque, protecting gums, soothing a toothache… Some essential oils are coming to the aid of your teeth and have the power to give you back your smile!                 Cloves EO: Powerful analgesic, the smell of cloves can often be detected in the


Essential oils to help period pain

Many women suffer cramp-like pain or discomfort before or during menstruation. The main cause for this is due to uterine contractions aimed at eliminating uterine mucous. Abdominal pain, headaches and backaches are generally felt before menstruation begins, for one or two days. Pain may be localised at pelvis level, back, thighs or abdomen. Essential Oils

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