• Why choose an organic vegetable oil?

    VO : Vegetable Oil  // EO : Essential Oil Choosing a VO should not be a big issue since they are harmless compared to EO. However, their texture is different, light or oily, they can make the EO they are mixed with more effective. Frequently used in our daily life (massage, cosmetics or food)... View Post
  • Blossom tea

    History of Flower Teas Flower Teas, also known as “sculpted teas” or “handicraft teas” are chosen among the highest quality green and white teas. They are presented in the shape of leaves plaited around an edible flower. They combine the delicate strength of tea (green or white) to the mildness o... View Post
  • The Top 5 Essential Oils for oily skins

    Essential oils I am about to list have been chosen for two principal qualities: their power to regulate the production of sebum and their antibacterial properties. Read the post  View Post