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How to clean and refresh your mattress with natural products

Summer is on its way and the weather is becoming fine: this is the time for spring cleaning your home! Open the windows, dust, wash and air all bedding especially if someone in the household has allergies.

Given that we spend about one third of our life on our mattress, it is important to clean it thoroughly. During the night, the heat of our bodies and sweat create ideal ground for the development of dust mites and bacteria. A regular cleansing will reduce allergens in your bedroom: a clean and healthy mattress will ensure peaceful nights. It will also keep your mattress in excellent condition for years.

clean a mattress

To cleanse your mattress you need the following ingredients:


  • A large container
  • A sieve
  • A vacuum cleaner


  • 250 g bicarbonate of sodium : bicarbonate is a natural cleanser and disinfectant. It absorbs smells and moisture, purifies, deodorises, and acts as fungicide. It is non toxic, does not cause allergies and is biodegradable
  • 8 drops of EO : EO kill germs that are the cause of bad smells, they sanitize, disinfect and deodorise : Lavender EO, Eucalyptus radiata EO, Lemon EO, Tea tree EO

to be usedPreparation instructions:

Put the bicarbonate in the container with 8 drops of each EO listed. Mix the preparation.

sprayCleaning instructions:

1 – Begin by removing the sheets and take the mattress on the balcony, the terrace or in front a wide open window facing the sun.
2 – Vacuum the mattress well to remove dust mites, dust, dead skin, hair and all other debris. Use a wide nozzle with brush for the mattress surface and a small nozzle for the areas that are hard to reach.
3 – With the sieve, sprinkle a generous quantity of the bicarbonate mixture on the mattress.
4 – Leave it for at least 45 minutes on the surface of your mattress in order to allow the bicarbonate to absorb all odours. Repeat this on the other side of your mattress.
5 – After another 45 minutes, vacuum all surfaces to remove all the dirt collected by the bicarbonate
With your bedding refreshed and smelling sweet, sleep well !

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