Conservation essential oil


Conservation essential oil


1. Do not expose to sunlight

Do not store them in a glass cupboard on which the sun shines or a shelve next to a window. They like neither heat nor light. Any source of light or artificial heat is to be banned.

2. Choose opaque bottles

The added cardboard packaging of certain brands may result in a better conservation if the oil is in clear glass but is it really necessary from an ecological viewpoint?

3. Neither heat nor humidity

Avoid storing them in the bathroom. It is far better to store them in a dark, fresh and dry place. We keep all our oils in a wine cellar. This allows for an optimal conservation of the oil and its properties.


4. Storing them head up

Some essential oils have a corrosive action and the prolonged contact with the plastic dropper tip could harm the bottle.

5. Do not put your fingers in the bottle

This is tempting for some oils (rarely the case) that can be applied undiluted to the skin. Your fingers’ contact with the stopper and all the impurities it caries will alter the strength of your essential oil.

6. Don’t forget to close it

Aromatic compounds are volatile. Therefore, a bottle should not be left open but should be resealed immediately. Furthermore, the contact with air will provoke an oxidation that will eventually shorten the life of your essential oil (this is why it is sometimes advised to pour the remaining content in a smaller bottle when half empty).

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