What to do with your out-of-date essential oils?


What to do with your out-of-date essential oils?


EO are expensive and it would be a shame to have to throw them away once they have reached their use-by date!

To be frank, it is difficult to determine this date exactly as it depends on so many factors – on their quality, the plant that was distilled, how you used it and how you stored it… Most essential oils can be used beyond that date… EO in general are fine for about 5 years (legal duration), 3 years for citrus ones (zest) and perhaps less still for resinous ones.

An EO is considered out-of-date when

  • Its smell has turned
  • It has become viscous
  • It has a darker colour

If you no longer want to use these EO for yourself, don’t throw them away because they can easily be recycled in the home!! Here are a few “recycling” suggestions.

  • Perfume your pots pourris
  • Dilute it in vinegar and add this mixture to water for cleaning the floors
  • Make a bottle vinegar / EO to clean and disinfect toilets
  • A few drops in the softener dispenser of your washing machine
  • A few drops at the bottom of the rubbish bin to avoid bad odours
  • 2 drops to perfume the ironing water
  • Make perfumed soaps
  • A few drops on a handkerchief or a flat pebble to perfume cupboards

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