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Essential Oils and gastro

Essential Oils can soothe all the unpleasant symptoms of a viral, bacterial or nervous gastro (stomach pains, nausea, vomiting…)

What is gastroenteritis: causes and symptoms?

Gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the intestinal and stomach mucous due to an infection of the digestive tube which can be of a viral or bacterial origin.

When travelling you may catch what is called the “turista”, or traveller’s diarrhoea which is more often caused by bacteria.

It shows its presence by these brutal symptoms:

  • Liquid and abundant stools
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Excessive tiredness

Epidemics of gastroenteritis are most common in autumn and winter and are extremely contagious. Transmission of the disease happens through direct contact with a person who has the disease or with contact with contaminated food (direct food intoxication).


Persons at risk and principal dangers of gastro-enteritis:

  • Children under the age of 5
  • Elderly people
  • Deficient people and those having had a renal transplant
  • Patients treated with immune-suppressors or corticoids



  • In the case of a very high fever, if there is blood in the stool or uninterrupted diarrhoea, it is paramount to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.
  • Repeated vomiting and diarrhoea can lead to dehydration (especially with infants and elderly people).

Evaluate if your baby is dehydrated: disinfect your finger and put it in the baby’s mouth. The baby will be dehydrated if the tongue and the internal sides of the mouth are dry or hardly humid.

As a prevention, drink plenty of fluids at regular intervals and in small sips or purchase specific products for oral rehydration from your pharmacist (especially for infants and young children)

Essential oils and gastro: Relieve the symptoms with aromatherapy

(The EO marked with a * are suitable for children)

Non-exhaustive list

The magical EO to treat or prevent gastro-enteritis



If you only had to have one to treat your gastro-enteritis: Compact oregano EO



to be usedProperties:

-powerful anti-infectious action of a broad spectrum

-immuno-stimulant (it will strengthen the natural defences that have been weakened)

It is the most antiseptic of all the EO and shows to be very efficacious in treating several infections of a digestive, respiratory or urinary origin.


One drop diluted in a teaspoon of olive oil or honey, taken orally 3 times a day for a maximum of 2 days. This recipe can be very useful for both a curative action or a preventive one when travelling in countries that necessitate such action.



  • Do not use with children under the age of 12 or with women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Dermo-caustic: do not use it undiluted on the skin.
  • Hepato-toxic in high doses.
  • Do not use it orally without the advice of a health professional.



To rebalance / fight infection

Tea Tree EO *(Melaleuca alternifolia)


to be usedProperties:

Stimulant of the immune system, it acts against viruses and bacteria.


This EO is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under the age of 8.


Chinese cinnamon EO (Cinnamomum cassia)* from 12 onwards very diluted

to be usedProperties:

Antibacterial with a very large spectrum of reach.

Antiviral, immuno-stimulant, anti-fermentative and antiparasitic


  • Do not use with children under the age of 12 or with women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not apply to the skin, therefore, it could irritate.
  • No prolonged use orally without advice from a health professional.


Lemon essence (Citrus limon): *

to be usedProperties:

Antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral.

Digestive stimulant.

This essential oil is very effective against nausea.


  • This essential oil is photo-sensitive.
  • Dermo-caustic, so it needs to be diluted before applying it to the skin.



Ravintsara EO (Cinnamomum camphora)* As pain relief

Roman Chamomile EO (Chamaemelum nobile) * (anti-spasms, soothing)

Essence of mandarin or orange * (digestive, appeasing)

Against vomiting and nausea

Exotic Basil EO (Ocinum basilicum):

to be usedProperties:

Antibacterial, antiviral and antispasmodic (it is recommended if having intestinal spasms).



  • Very irritating EO. If applied to the skin, it must be diluted in a VO.
  • Should not be used with epileptic people, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under the age of 8.
  • No prolonged use orally without the advice of a health professional.


Ginger EO (Zingiber officinalis) * (also a digestive tonic and antispasm)

How to use these EO?

Local application: directly on the belly (tolerance test should be carried out beforehand).

The +: create a synergy by mixing EO with different virtues so as to act at the same time on all symptoms of problems caused by gastro

  • One pain relief EO
  • One anti-nausea EO
  • One rebalancing (this one will stimulate the immune system and fight against the virus, the bacteria, … )


Dosage for a local application

adultFor an adult: 5 drops of EO in 5 ml or one teaspoon of VO

kindsFor a child between the age of 3 and 10: 3 drops of EO in 5 ml or one teaspoon of VO


Frequency of application

If the crisis and the pain are moderate:

Apply this mixture 4 to 5 times a day

If you have terribly bad gastro: within the first hour following the diarrhoea crisis, apply this mixture 4 to 5 times. Diminish the number of applications in the following hours to 3 times then twice. Finally, reduce little by little the frequency of application as the days go by.



– to look after gastro-enteritis

  • 15 drops of exotic basil EO
  • 10 drops of noble laurel EO
  • 5 drops of Chinese cinnamon EO
  • 3 ml of sweet almond VO


  • This synergy is allergenic and dermo-caustic
  • Do not use the internal path.
  • Do not use this recipe with epileptic people, children under the age of 12 and pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Pour 5 drops of this synergy on the belly and massage gently. Apply the mixture 3 times a day for a maximum of 5 days.


kindsFor children *:

  • Lemon EO (detoxifies, anti-infectious, anti-nausea and febrifuge)
  • Tea Tree EO (antibacterial with a large action spectrum) or ravintsara (powerful antiviral)
  • Noble Chamomile (anti-spasmodic, soothing) or mandarin (digestive, appeasing)



Usage of lemon essence on its own: 4 drops of EO in 2 ml of VO. Then, massage on the stomach area and the liver area.

Another possible usage: 6 drops in aerial diffusion to fight nausea




Basil essential oil

Usage of basil EO on its own:

2 drops of exotic basil EO in 1 tablespoon of VO and then massage slowly on the belly and the lower back morning and evening.




– to fight gastro-enteritis nausea

This duo of EO is very effective to fight against both nausea and vomiting which can occur when a bout of gastro-enteritis comes about.

Place the drops directly in the EO diffuser:


Diffuse in the room for 15 minutes per hour and repeat as often as desired throughout the day.



  • Lemon essence is not advised if the patient is already taking an anticoagulant medication.
  • Do not use with pregnant or breastfeeding women or with children under the age of 8.
  • These synergies must not be used with pregnant women (for the full length of the pregnancy), breastfeeding or with children under the age of 8.


This information is general!

Take all the necessary precautions before embarking on an EO treatment.

Therefore, their properties and ways of using them do not constitute medical advice.

For therapeutic usage consult a medical practitioner.

The natural assets to treat gastro efficiently

One can also use:

Vegetable coal: for its capability of absorbing toxic gas and toxic molecules, likewise, it is a universal detox remedy.



Usage: 3 to 6 capsules per day outside meal times and not at the same time as other medication. It is recommended to abstain from vegetable coal if taking hormonal contraceptives.

Green clay: sanitizes the organism, detoxifies and also assists digestion.

green-clayUsage: In the case of diarrhoea unrelated to the taking of medication, take one teaspoon of green clay and dissolve it in a glass of water. Then, Mix and leave to rest for a few hours. After that, when the clay has fallen to the bottom of the glass, drink the water and leave the wet clay at the bottom of the glass. Repeat this after each soft or liquid stool.



Some added advice:

  • Avoid eating as long as the vomiting persists (no sugar, milk products or oily substances)
  • Drink a lot of water (no sugary juices, lemon water, rosemary herbal tea, ginger herbal tea, …)

General advice to avoid gastro, in conclusion:

  • Avoid direct contact with people already affected and wash your hands often is soapy water or with a disinfectant hand gel
  • Diffuse or vaporize antiviral/antibacterial EO in the WC (such as ravintsara, lemon or tea tree…)
  • Cook meats thoroughly and wash all fruit and vegetables with care
  • Avoid breaking the cold chain: freeze, defreeze, refreeze.
  • When travelling, avoid drinking tap water and using ice cubes.


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