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What are the 5 good reasons to use essential oils?

Aromatherapy works on 3 different levels: The body, The mind and the emotions; but also in many other areas! These are all good reasons to use essential oils!

1. Get better naturally

They contribute to fight against a lot of ailments such as respiratory (colds, sore throat, nasal irritation), digestive discomfort, muscle or joint, headaches and itching in any area ….

Antibiotics are often prescribed for ENT diseases, which are most often caused by viruses. Since antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, their use is simply useless

Essential oils make your immune system stronger:

they can limit and stop the proliferation of germs while positively stimulating the immune system. Having a strong and healthy immune system is crucial to have perfect health.



Antibiotic medicine has the tendency to not only destroy the bacteria that you are trying to kill. Antibiotics also kill good bacterias which can cause your immune system to weaken. Essential oils can be used instead of antibiotics and they will not affect your immune system.

There is no antibiotic resistance with aromatherapy:

Bacteria can not adapt to the very complex chemical of essential oil.

Atmospheric diffusion is very useful to naturally disinfect a room in only a few minutes.

2. Fight against stress every day

reason to use essential oil

By their properties, essential oils help to relax the body, relax the mind and boost your mood. This means it is a good option to reduce your stress but also reduce your anxiety and any sorts of mental health you have.

In diffusion, essential oils contribute to create a spiritual and relaxed atmosphere to relax the body and mind. That is why it is often recommended to be used during mediation


recipe How to use: 5 drops of frankincense essential oil and 5 drops of mandarin essential oil to diffuse for 30 minutes.


3. To take care of yourself

Mixed with vegetable oils, essential oils allow you to clean, smooth, heal and moisturize your skin and hair.

  • The skin: Essential oil nourish and soften your skin. Eczema and acne can also be successfully treated with essential oils.
  • Hair: Fight Against dandruff, to restore shiness, for dry or oily hair. Essential oils are also very effective to give tone to your
  • The body: Fight against cellulite, drainage and blood circulation. Essential oils are precious to help your body stay well and healthy. They are also very useful for relaxing massage sessions or to relax your muscles.


4. Take care of your house with no chemicals

Whether is to make laundry, dishwasher tablets or just to clean different surfaces, essential oils are very effective.

A traditional household that you can find in your local supermarket is full of chemical molecules that in addition to being harmful to the environment, they are also harmful to your health. Those products increase the risks of allergies and asthma.

recipe Instead, you can use lemon essential oil – peppermint essential – Orange essential oil – tea tree essential oil.


5. To clean the air in your house

Essential oils allow you to sanitize very quickly the ambient air diffusion. They effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and odours while perfuming your home, office or car.

For that, we rather chose products that smell like something we like because it usually put us in a good mood.

air in the house

On the other hand, do not use a burner or do not deposit on a light bulb because essential oils degrade under the effect of high heat temperature.

recipe How to use: For a zen atmosphere 10 drops of mandarin, 10 drops of sweet orange and 10 drops of scots pine during 30 minutes

the+: They least a very long time

A few drops are enough! Essential oil bottles can last a very long time, which is why using them is also very beneficial to save money. And you can still recycle them when they are out-of-date. That are so many good reasons to use essential oils!!

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