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How to use Black Spruce Essential Oil?

Essential oil

Black Spruce Essential Oil: the invigorating one from the Big North

Just plain tired or in poor shape? The black spruce Essential Oil is known for bringing back strength and energy.

It is also used against respiratory infections and joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. In diffusion, it is believed to cleanse the air and give you back your dynamism.

You will essentially need it in case of:

  • Tiredness and need for energy
  • Respiratory infections


We also know the Black spruce as dwarf spruce, it is a conifer from North America and Canada. The climatic conditions are often severe in those parts. Among the many species of spruce listed (about 40), the black spruce is reputed for being exceptionally resistant to low temperatures.

Growing on mountain slopes, its height varies between 6 and 8 metres when the conditions are the most extreme (climate, soil dry and acid, etc.) but it can reach 20 metres when the environment is more propitious to its growth (less severe climate, more fertile soil, etc.).

This conifer has a greyish-brown bark, rough boughs and leaves in the shape of needles. Its fruit is a cone of a reddish-brown colour measuring about 4cm.

Canadian Inuit have been using this plant for a long time, be it in traditional medicine or for more spiritual practices. The cones, for example, are used against diarrhoea in decoction, the resin is the base product for a balm to treat burns and the cones are also chewed like clove to help with toothache.

It takes 1 kg of needles to produce 10 ml of black spruce essential oil.

Composition of Black Spruce essential oil

  • Monoterpenes (50%) : camphene (10-15%), alpha-pinene (13-16%)
  • terpenic esters: bornyl acetate (30-37%)
  • Monoterpenols (2,5%) : borneol
  • Sesquiterpenes
  • Sesquiterpenols

It is the thorns of this conifer that are distilled (presence of alpha-pinenes) and are irritating to the skin. Therefore it cannot be applied pure.

Properties of the Black Spruce essential oil

  • cortisone-like: formidable for fighting against exhaustion or a lack of stamina.
  • The presence of esters presents great antispasmodic properties physically, but it has also a soothing effect psychologically without being a sedative.
  • antiseptic, anti-infectious (presence of monoterpenes)
  • anti-inflammatory 


Better breathing: antibacterial

Bronchitis (important quantity of secretion from throat or nose, sinusitis), eases a cough and helps the expulsion of throat secretions.

Move better; Anti-inflammatory

To include in synergies to relieve aches from rheumatism and arthrosis.

Acts on the hyperthyroid.

Sleep and Energy: invigorating and energising.

It has cortisone mimetic qualities: it will give back stamina, energy in case of weariness or exhaustion. It stimulates the immune defences and the adrenal glands (cortisone-like effect) in the case of a sudden tiredness, asthenia even exhaustion. In particular, in the case of thyroid problems (hyperthyroid), the cortico-adrenal glands take over to fight the resulting tiredness, and it is necessary to assist them.

For the skin: fungicide and antiseptic

Recommended against mycosis of the skin, gynaecological and intestinal, skin parasites and at the intestinal level.

It is also used to relieve acne, psoriasis and eczema in synergy with other essential oils.

Household products: aerial antiseptic

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Indications and administration routes of Black Spruce EO

dermal allowedIn local application:

  • thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is recommended against muscular and joint pain, rheumatism, arthrosis, but can also be used against inflammations of the prostate (prostatitis) or of the urinary tract, and an application to the lower abdomen or perineal.
  • Revitalising, it stimulates the immune defences: massage just above the kidneys is the most effective solution in cases of great fatigue, recovering from an illness, exhaustion be it physical or nervous.
  • It is a very good antispasmodic because of the esters it contains… which can be useful when feeling anxious, bouts of spasmophilia, stress, feeling of being oppressed. Massage the plexus area and if possible along the spine.

diffusionBy diffusion:

Since it is an aerial antiseptic, it works well as an air sanitiser as well as giving the atmosphere some vitality and dynamism.

– in inhalation: for sinus problems and bronchitis (using a massage on the soles of the feet or along the spine works well also).

– in olfaction: bring the open bottle at the level of the mouth/chin then breathe deeply and count to 5. Follow this by expiring slowly, counting to 5 also. Do this 5 times in a row. Repeat this several times throughout the day if necessary.

This mode of usage is perfect to regain energy, courage, assurance and even enthusiasm.

-in diffusion: for 15-20 minutes morning and/or afternoon. Not in the evening given that it is an EO that gives energy.


  • externally: Like all other EOs coming from conifers, it can be irritating if used pure.

– along the spine or on the solar plexus

– on rheumatic areas of pain

To give you a kickstart

Massage: 3 drops in 1 ml of VO in the palm of the hand and massage the feet to get back energy, or in the lower back at the level of the kidneys. Repeat this 3 times a day.

Arthritis, arthrosis

3 drops in 1 ml of VO and then massage on the painful areas.

Bronchitis, an important quantity of secretions in the throat, sinusitis

Massage: dilute 2 drops of Black Spruce EO in 4 drops of VO.

For bronchitis and secretions, apply this mixture to the thorax and the upper part of the back. For sinusitis, apply at the level of the nose (be careful not to go near the eyes).

Repeat this 3 times a day until the symptoms have disappeared (maximum of 7 days).


For whom?

pregnant not allowedNot recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy

kids+6 not allowedNot recommended  for children under the age of 12

Care should be taken with people who suffer from either asthma or epilepsy

Ask your medical practitioner for an opinion if using it to treat a thyroid condition.

In conclusion, for a massage with this essential oil, you need to remain attentive to:

-the risk of skin irritation

-never apply it purely on the skin and always dilute it in a VO.

  • By diffusion: 2 to 3 drops in an electric diffuser, for a few minutes to cleanse the ambient air and create an invigorating climate.
  • Other uses: it is possible to pour 10 drops in a lid filled with a neutral gel to use in the bath to provide an invigorating bath particularly effective.

Possible association: Sylvestre pine (Pinus sylvester) or maritime pine (Pinus pinaster), to create a tonic synergy, diluted in 20% of vegetable oil.


-to avoid during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and in children under the age of 7.

-in children aged over 12,

-in diffusion or in massage (make sure to dilute 1 drop of EO in 10 drops of VO).

-Prudence applies to people suffering from asthma or who are epileptics.

-Ask your medical practitioner for advice in the case of thyroid problems.

-Irritant, do not apply pure. Dilute it in a VO for a skin application.

-Do not use in case of nephritis.

-Cortisone-like: counter-indicated in the case of cancer or if suffering from hormonal worries.

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