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How to use Geranium Essential Oil

This EO is very interesting in at least 3 areas: repel mosquitoes, make cosmetics and oust haemorrhoids.

Its gentle flowery scent is ideal for cosmetics. In addition to its scent, this EO also has marvellous properties. I am suggesting today to help you discover all the benefits of this EO for your skin and more… Acne, psoriasis… even depression. Nothing seems to resist the formidable strength of geranium rose EO!

You are going to know all about it: its properties, its counter-indications, its usage.

The secrets of Geranium rose Essential Oil


The EO is extracted from a plant, the rose geranium, also known as Pelargonium Graveolens, found mostly in Morocco, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Russia, China and Egypt.

It is extracted by water vapour from the stem of the plant, allowing to retain unharmed all its virtues and characteristics, and more especially its particular scent.


harvestThe yield: with 1 tonne of Bourbon geranium leaves, 1.7 kg of EO is produced.


Composition of the Bourbon geranium Essential Oil


The biochemical composition can evolve depending on the conditions of the production.

Bourbon Geranium EO, extracted from the leaves of the plant, is very complex and contains more than 250 different components. Among the most important are the following:

  • Monoterpenol (citronellol, geraniol, linalool, nerol): 60 to 68% anti-infectious and gentle (antibacterial, antiviral), promotes grounding from a psychological viewpoint
  • Terpenic esters (citronellyl formiates, geranyl) 10 to 15%: skin friendly, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory
  • Aldehydes (neral, geranial, citronellal) around 10%: anti-inflammatory, soothing


Properties and indications

It is multipurpose EO and you can use it in many different ways.

However, rose geranium EO is particularly successful in the use of skin problems because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. It is one of the most widely used EO in cosmetics because it is suitable for all skin types and it adds a very pleasant scent to all preparations.

It is also astringent and can balance sebum, hence its use against acne, in the care of oily, dry and wrinkled skin.

The following virtues of rose geranium EO are also worth mentioning:

  • Antibacterial, anti-infectious, antifungal: for mycosis and impetigo
  • Anti-spasmodic: digestion problems or painful periods
  • Haemostatic and healing: wounds, cuts (when shaving for example) or small burns
  • Relaxing properties: anxiousness or nervousness
  • Useful when feeling run down because of lack of sugar (hypoglycaemia). It assists the absorption of sugars and starches
  • Prevents stretch marks and
  • Helps stopping heavy bleeding (example: stopping a nose bleed, gum bleeding, heavy periods).
  • Fights hair loss
  • Works well in the fight against wrinkles and helps firming the skin
  • Useful against age spots
  • Assists in producing a good complexion
  • Eases childbirth and tones the uterus
  • Repels mosquitoes


Good to know: There are fewer relaxing properties in Geranium Bourbon from Egypt than from Madagascar


Administration routes



If you are having dark thoughts, if you are stressed, suffering from insomnia or anxiety, being too emotional, the action of the EO smell will impact on your behaviour and emotions.

At that level, it has the same profile as roses, similar benefits for a much smaller price!

It sanitizes and perfumes agreeably your home whilst repelling mosquitoes with only 5 or 6 drops per diffusion.


Yes. For the same reasons as above. On a handkerchief, a pillow or in a humidifier, or simply by opening the bottle and breathing in slowly and deeply. That, however, doesn’t work for repelling mosquitoes because they cannot sniff the bottle!

It can also be used in inhalation as this will benefit the skin at the same time: a few drops in a bowl with warm water, bend over it for a few minutes with a towel over the head and breathe calmly (it is a very good way to relax if you have an anxious personality).

dermal allowedDermal route

It is certainly the best way to exploit all the qualities of this EO, both cosmetic and health-wise. Because, not only will you benefit from the scent as in olfaction above, but in addition its applications this way are numerous. And of course, it will repel mosquitoes this way too.

Its usage in massage allows muscle relaxation, flush away tension, ease stress and bring a sensation of peacefulness and plenitude.

Geranium is an ally for your cosmetics: ideal cosmetic oil, it is suitable for all skincare in protection and toning. We know it for its cellular regeneration properties that’s why it can be a part of anti-wrinkle products.

Aromatic bath

EO do not dissolve in water. Don’t forget to mix them in a base such as solubol.

internalOral route

Following medical advice, notably in its applications in the case of diabetes. Used in cases of inflammation, digestive troubles or weariness, it can be replaced by other EO better suited or simply applied by means of its most tolerated route: the dermal route!


precautionsDanger and counter indications


Rose geranium EO has good tolerance. It does not present known counter-indications in recommended doses and uses.

pregnant womanPregnant women: this essential oil is to be avoided during the first 5 months of pregnancy and when breastfeeding (with an adapted dosage).


kindsChildren: not advised for children under the age of three.

However, like with all EO, you must take precautions. This oil contains citronellol, geraniol, linalool which can cause allergies in some cases. Test it first on the skin before application. Avoid for people allergic to these molecules.


Conservation of Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil, like rose, is improving over time. It can, therefore, be kept for a very long time (it is, therefore, worth investing in a high-quality product) if it is stocked properly. The colour will change with age but it will not taint it.


A few usage advice:

  • You can simply use rose geranium EO in a massage (20 drops) by diluting it in 50 ml of VO.
  • Deodorant: 1 drop applied under each armpit, pure or diluted in a small amount of hydrating cream
  • Vaginal or urinary mycosis: massage the pelvis with 1 or 2 drops diluted in a VO
  • Wrinkles and fine lines, skin firming: apply 1 drop of EO in your daily dose of day and night cream. Mix in the palm of the hand and apply to the face.
  • To reduce inflammation/irritation of the skin: mix 5 drops of EO in your shower gel
  • Haemorrhoids: 4 or 5 drops of EO diluted in a good tablespoon of VO. Apply locally once or twice a day. More broadly, geranium has healing properties and stimulates blood circulation which explains its efficiency.
  • Soothe small wounds: dilute 2 drops in a teaspoon of VO and apply on a cleaned, dry wound or one drop massaged on the gums if inflamed or bleeding.


As a precaution, dilute the essential oil for a dermal application. Dilute in a VO in proportions of generally 5 to 10%.

Ex. Dilution at 5%: for 30ml: put 1.5ml EO (38 drops EO), complete it with a VO.


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