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I often get cramps…

In the middle of the night or during a sporting effort, cramps just happen without warning.
They are the result of an involuntary and temporary contraction of one or several muscles.
These can have various origins: tiredness, cold, lack of warm-up, bad hydration…
They are generally felt in the calf or the arch of the foot.

Some reactions and remedies allow to relieve the pain

  • Drink regularly especially before and after a sporting effort
  • Sleep with the feet slightly higher than the body (for night cramps)
  • Choose foods that alkalinize your organism (fruit & vegetables, dry fruit, potatoes…) and limit those that generate acidity (cheese, cereals, eggs…).
  • Press with your fingers on the painful area for about 20 seconds, let go and have a warm shower.

The EO solution

10 drops of rosemary EO in a tablespoon of green clay (in tube). Mix together and apply this mixture in a thick layer on the affected area. Cover with food wrap and leave for the night.

I am sporty
In 50 ml of arnica EO, add 80 drops of each of the following EO: rosemary, basil, orange and niaouli. Massage with this mixture
apply 2 drops of organic lavender EO (anaesthetic) on the painful area and massage.

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