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The apricot vegetable oil is very rich in carotenoids and omega 6 which makes it excellent for beauty treatments and especially those on the face. It is known for its anti-aging effects and softening on all skin types. It is an excellent support to mix with essential oils because it allows perfect absorption and is not greasy on the skin

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Processing method of apricot kernel oil: expression without heating
Part of the plant: kernels
Yield: between 55 and 70%
Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca
Family:  Rosaceae
Odour: Light, characteristic, bitter
Colour: light yellow to dark yellow
Origin: Turkey


  • Oleic acid (58,00 to 74,00%)
  • Linoleic acid (20,00 to 34,00%)
  • Palmitic acid (4,00 to 9,00%)

100 % pure & natural without any other additives – ORGANIC

The apricot tree is a tree of the Rosaceae family, same family as the peach, the cherry, the almond tree.

Apricot oil, obtained by cold pressing cores, is rich in oleic acid, vitamins A and E. In addition to being nourishing and softening, it restores a touch of radiance and tone to your skin!
Thanks to its carotenoid composition, this oil illuminates the complexion and restore all its radiance. Carotenoids are known to bring orange colour to carrots. They also prepare the skin for the sun thanks to light photoprotective action and thus facilitate tanning. But, be careful, that does not replace sunscreens!


  • Glowing: it brings a real glow to your skin
  • Regenerating and revitalising, it fights skin ageing and is also very good for your complexion (discreet self-tanning effect).
  • Softener: brings back elasticity and also tone to the dry skin.
  • Emollient, it nourishes the skin and therefore contributes to making it softer.
  • Nourishing: by reinforcing the hydrolipid film, it protects the skin from dehydration and nourishes dull skin


- Dull, tired tones
- Tired, wrinkled skin (neckline, face and hands)
-Skins without tone, devitalized


  • Creams, “healthy glow” effect
  • Anti-ageing care
  • Massage Oils
  • Night cream


  • Glow effect :
    Add a few drops of this oil in the palm of your hand and then make a long massage on your face, slowly enough to make it penetrate.
  • Wrinkles:
    Add 5 drops ho wood essential oil in 50 drops apricot kernel oil. You can apply once a day.
  • Stretch marks :
    Mix 30ml apricot kernel oil + 5 drops ho wood essential oil. Massage once a day
  • Cellulite:
    Mix 20ml apricot kernel oil (or argan oil) + 6 drops atlas cedarwood essential oil. Then massage on the affected area every 2 days.
  • Nourishing body oil :
    Mix 50 ml avocado oil  + 50 ml apricot kernel oil + 60 drops geranium essential oil for a body massage
  • Cellulite :
    Add 0,5 ml grapefruit essential oil in 10 ml apricot kernel oil. Then, massage on affected areas.
  • Make-up removal
    Wet and dry a vegetable sponge or a washable make-up remover. Then soak it with apricot kernel oil and rub it over the face several times to effectively remove all the makeup. Finish with misting a hydrolat on your face.


Keep in the original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C

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2 reviews for Apricot kernel oil – Organic

  1. Nadine W. (store manager)

    a glorious oil
    I have now tried many vegetable oils. None were bad but this one is the best. I love its texture and perfume. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film. From now on, that is the oil for me !!

  2. Razel W. (store manager)

    This product, Apricot Skin Oil, was a gift for a good friend in Arizona. She LOVES it so much, that I found it again on line through Pacfic Scents and ordered more. The customer care I received was also very caring. Love the product, really like the company. Thank you.

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