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Rich in vitamin E, the argan oil is used for damaged hair and dry skin. It is known for its nutritious and regenerating properties. Its fatty acids restore softness to dry skin and restore it. It is also very nutritious for dull hair and damaged nails.


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Processing method of argan oil: cold pressing
Part of the plant: nuts
Yield: 1kg of oil = about 3kgs nuts
Botanical name: Argania spinosa L.
Family: Sapotaceae
Origin: Morocco


Oleic acid (43 to 50%), linoleic acid (29 to 37%), Palmitic acid (10 to 15%)

100 % pure & natural without any other additives – ORGANIC


  • Firming and softening: helps giving back elasticity and softness to the skin
  • Antioxidant and anti-ageing: neutralises free radicals thanks to its vitamin E content
  • Nourishing and healing, it is the friend of damaged hair and dried out skin and helps healing scars of chicken pox, chapped skin and burns
  • Skin protector, it limits the effects of climate (dryness, cold, sun, wind…)
  • Fortifies brittle nails)
  • Very fine, it is easily absorbed by the skin


woman with long hair
- Dry and dehydrated skin, mature skin lacking tonicity
-Chapped skin, burns, acne and chicken pox scars
- Hair loss,
- Dandruff,
- Dry and dull hair,
- Dyed hair


  • Strengthening, untangles hair and nourishes nails
  • Anti-ageing care
  • Massage oils


  • Limit stretch or acne marks, skin flexibility :
    Massage with argan vegetable oil on the parties concerned.
  • Nail and cuticles care :
    1 tablespoon of argan vegetable oil  + 1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil complete + 1 drop of lemon essential oil, massage the cuticles and nails with a little of this mixture in the evening
  • Prevent wrinkles :
    Dilute 1 tablespoon of argan vegetable oil and 1 drop of ho-wood essential oil, massage your face with your fingertips before bedtime.
  • Strengthen the breakable nails :
    In a bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of argan vegetable oil and 1 drop of lemon essential oil and soak your hands for 15 minutes.
  • Hair loss, dandruff, dry and dull hair, dyed hair: apply to the whole scalp and leave the oil for one hour, then wash


Keep in original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C


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50ml with funnel plug+black tamperproof cap, 50ml with dropper cap

3 reviews for Argan oil – Organic

  1. Nadine W. (store manager)

    soothing and softening
    This is a very special oil. It is especially good for very dry skin (elbows, heels, hands) and it leaves no greasy mark. I would certainly recommend it to anyone of “a certain age” !!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Nadine Watson (verified owner)

    A very fine vegetable oil in blends with essential oils

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