Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

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Features of the aroma essential oil diffuser:

This essential oil diffuser can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air-purifier or night light.

There are 7 colours changing led light of this diffuser.

Press one time, the light colours are changing (there are about 10 seconds to change one colour to another), press again to keep one colour you like.

It can create a peaceful atmosphere lighting to your room.

This essential oil diffuser is extremely quiet without annoying noise that won’t disturb you when you sleep or at work.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of the aroma essential oil diffuser:

  • 7 Changing Colors Night Light
  • Working hour: 4-5 hours
  • Effective Capacity: 100ML
  • Time Setting: 0.5H, 1H, 2H, and 3H
  • Power supply: 24V
  • Rated power: 12W   
  • Waterless Auto-Off Function
  • Application: Family, living room, bedroom, office, lobby
Package Include: 
  • 100ml Aroma Diffuser x 1
  • Charger Adaptor x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Size: 3.66*3.66*6.10 inches

How to use:

Colours change:

Press the light button, lock into one colour or allow it to rotate through all colours

-​Working Modes:

  • Plug in power plug to the base
  • Add water at the max line
  • For fragrance: add 1 to 3 drops of essential oil to water
  • Put reservoir lid and canopy back over the diffuser, making sure the lid is completely seated on the seal
  • Plug into an electrical outlet
  • Depress the left toggle button “on” position
  • Press the button again to turn off. The right button turns the light on 
  • Press this button to change the colour of the diffuser.
  • Timer Options: from left to right are 0.5H,1H,2H,3H.
  • Do not add water exceeding the max line, otherwise will cause small mist or no mist outlet.
  • Keep the lid on while working
  • Clean water chamber before use
  • Do not let water or moisture remain in the unit when not in use.
  • Clean the diffuser at least once a week

  • coloured atmosphere
  • cold diffusion that locks in the properties of the essential oils
  • air humidification


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