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The astelia flower diffuser will blend beautifully with your decor for simple diffusion, along with its delicate wooden stand

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Product Description

Astelia flower, the passive diffuser

This diffuser diffuses essential oils cold and thus preserves all their therapeutic properties. This aromatic flower comes with a delicate wooden support. As a result, it will fit perfectly into your interiors for diffusion with ease.

Diffuse your essential oils in style


Material: Plaster


– Width: 10 cm
– Length: 10 cms
– Height: 3 cms

– Diffusion in a small room (10m2)
– Diffusion type: capillarity

– Works without a power supply

The package contains an aromatic Astelia flower + a wooden stand


Creamy white


– Firstly, choose your essential oil suitable for atmospheric diffusion.

– Place several drops on the centre of the flower.

– Relax and breathe.

– Change essential oil according to your desires …

Diffuse your essential oils with elegance.

It is possible to mix the essential oils and fragrances of your choice to create your own personal composition. You can also use our blends

Precautions for use

Do not activate the diffusion in the presence of children under 3 years and pregnant women. In a children’s room, we recommend that you do so outside their presence and at least 30 minutes before their arrival.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Always wash your hands after handling essential oils or products containing them
  •  In case of contact with essential oil with the eyes, wash as quickly as possible to eliminate the excess with plenty of fresh water. As a result, consult a doctor or aromatherapist if the pain persists.
  • For pregnant, lactating women, children, and those under treatment, seek medical advice before using essential oils
  • Essential oils are not recommended for mastosis and hormonal cancers
  • Do not use essential oils for long periods, even at low doses

The history of the Astelia

Ornamental, graphic and contemporary, the Astelia is a large herbaceous native to the Pacific.
Based on phylogenetic studies of the Asteraceae family, it can be said that its area of origin is in Australia but that its radiation was mainly from New Zealand to the Pacific islands

Its decorative qualities and silver foliage make this plant a nice trend of the moment!



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