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Bach elixir for stressed pets


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Product Description

To calm stressed and nervous pets. A period of stress may be caused by removal, separation, the arrival of a new pet or child… Aggression, anxiety, stress, fear, depression are all disturbing feelings that Bach elixir for stressed pets can regulate.

For caged animals (birds, hamsters, rabbits …) containment can also be a source of stress.

In most pets, stress shows by a change in eating habits or sleep, but also by uncleanliness, excessive licking or self-harm.

Packaging: spray bottle in a cardboard box
Made in: France.
Capacity: 10ml

How to use Bach elixir for stressed pets

Put regularly in the bowl of water or food of the animal.
It is also possible to apply directly on the animal while stroking.

Product specifications

Authentic Bach Flower remedy
Spray bottle of 10 ml
Certifications: ECOCERT organic
100% of agricultural raw materials come from organic farming

Ingredients (INCI)

Aqua, organic alcohol, watery extracts of flowers: Clematis vitalba organic ornithogalum um umbella tumbio, organic helianthemum nummularium, organic Glandulifera Impatiens, organic Prunus cerasifera, organic Verbena officinalis Organic Aqua petra.

The complex for stressed animals is composed of the following Flowers:

  • Clematis: to return to consciousness, regain your senses.
  • Eleven-hour lady: to counterbalance the shock(s).
  • Roche Water: to promote more flexible and nuanced behavior.
  • Helianthema: to overcome terror and panic.
  • Impatient: to soothe nerves and suffering.
  • Verbena: to bring back calm and tranquility.
  • Prunus: to regain self-control.


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