Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Nebulizer


The elegant shape of this bamboo glass essential oil nebulizer will decorate your home. Perfect fit in any bedroom or living area

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The Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Nebulizer operates without heating and does not need to add water, keeping the essential oil in its natural state as it becomes a mist

The diffuser is made of natural wood and hand-blown glass external components with no plastic parts to corrode when in contact with the oils like most other diffusers

FEATURES; luxury and performance

  • Natural materials such as a wood base and glass dome to direct the essential oil vapor.
  • Quiet diffuser (maximum 40DB)
  • Hand craft blown glass
  • 100% hardwood base
  • No plastic or artificial material, BPA free
  • The Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Nebulizer is best on firm surfaces like a bed stand, counter or desk


WHY USE THE Bamboo Glass Essential Oil Nebulizer?

  • Coverage: approximately 430 square feet, depending on the amount of essential oil used.
  • Noise: slight water noise in motion and soft buzzing of the internal fan.
  • Therapeutic Value: diffusers by nebulisation are fractioning the molecules of essential oils without heat, thus retaining all their properties. So, this sort of diffuser will offer the strongest therapeutic experience, because that does not utilize water.
  • Glass advantage: Pure essential oils are 100% natural and over time they can be corrosive to plastic. You must not put essential oils in prolonged contact with anything plastic. As a result, plastic can be dissolved, potentially carcinogenic particles from the plastic may find their way into your essential oil, making them dangerous when diffused.

Where to use

  • spas, massage or yoga studios
  • home
  • office

CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.


Material: Beech/bamboo + glass


Input: AC110~240V

Output: DC5V/12V

Capacity: 25ml

Weight: 530g

Applicable area: 20-40 square


  • Working Time: 3 hours
  • Usage: Please just add 100% pure essential oil. DO NOT add water into the water tank!
  • It works 5mins, and take rest for 3mins

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