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Bracelet – Endless Wisdom


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Product Description

Wear the bracelet Endless Wisdom to find wisdom and protection from evil.

The red thread on your bracelet Endless Wisdom serves to protect you and also helps you understand spirituality and mindfulness. The symbol of the endless knot is a universal symbol of peace and enlightenment.

The intertwined line that overlaps without beginning or end represents the infinite wisdom of Buddha. It symbolizes how all life on Earth is connected and linked to each other.

Hinduism and Buddhism consider the OM (or ‘Aum’) as the primordial vibration and the most sacred sound.

According to tradition, the ancient sages identified the sound OM as the most elemental of creation. In a calm environment, you can hear the Om vibration in the crash of the ocean waves, in the silence of the forest, or in a gust of wind.

In India, those of the Hindu faith frequently use the sound OM in everyday life, at the start of the day, while travelling or during an activity. The symbol is also present in all Hindu temples and sanctuaries.

In the Western world, repeating OM at the beginning and end of yoga classes is common. Also, more and more people are using the sound as a mantra for meditation and sacred ceremonies.

For this bracelet, the OM symbol is engraved on a pendant.

Each Temple String Bracelet is unisex and one size fits all, thanks to an adjustable cord that fits comfortably around any wrist.

The charming paper sachet packaging features an enchanting image of the temple and the name of the bracelet.


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