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Calendula infused oil – Organic


Recommended for sensitive and rough skin, this soothing and revitalizing Calendula infused oil is the perfect ingredient to take care of skin prone to discomfort or tightness.

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Product Description


Processing method of calendula infused oil: maceration of calendula in a vegetable oil
Botanical name: Calendula officinalis
Family: Asteraceae
Odour: a vegetal note of calendula flowers
Colour: dark yellow to bright orange
Texture: clear to slightly cloudy oily liquid

100 % pure & natural without any other additives – ORGANIC

Calendula oil macerate or lipid extract is produced by macerating calendula flowers in neutral vegetable oil for 3 weeks. The aromatic active ingredients are transferred to the macerating vegetable oil. An orange-coloured lipid extract is then extracted.
Their exact name is “lipid extract”

We know Calendula for its anti-inflammatory properties on the skin: it soothes, heals and regenerates skin tissue. It reinforces the skin’s natural protective mechanisms and prevents the skin from drying out. It is also useful in cases of sunburn or hives, for example.

Do you want to do your own calendula macerate?

You will need 1 litre of olive, sweet almond or sunflower oil and 100g dried calendula flowers

  • Fill a transparent airtight jar with fresh calendula flowers.
  • Cover with a carrier oil.
  • Place the jar in the sun and stir the contents once a day for 3 weeks.
    Filter and bottle.


For longer preservation, you can add vitamin E.


Anti-inflammatoryRich in powerful anti-inflammatory active ingredients, Calendula flowers have been used for centuries to relieve oedema and congestion following a burn.
Anti-oxydantThanks to the flavonoids, this oily macerate plays a powerful antioxidant role against free radicals and limits the appearance of signs of skin ageing. These active ingredients also help in the regeneration of skin cells and accelerate the healing process.jauge illustration
Skin regeneratorSoftening by the presence of fatty acids, it brings softness and elasticity to the skinjauge illustration
Nourishingits high oleic acid content allows deep hydration of the skin layersjauge illustration
HealingNaturally rich in faradiol, this vegetable oil relieves skin inflammation of all kindsjauge illustration


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• Acne
• Skin allergy
• Mild burn
• Scar
• Sunburn
• Rosacea
• Itching
• Makeup removal
• Dermatosis
• Eczema
• Diaper rash of babies
• Crack
• Localized inflammation (skin, mucous membranes)
• Rheumatic inflammation
• Skin irritation or redness
• Irritated or sensitive mucous membranes
• Irritated, dried or sensitized skin (including that of babies)
• Insect bite (adult and child)
• Mild wound
• Psoriasis
• Radiotherapy (application away from sessions) especially in the context of breast cancer
• Shaving (aftershave)
• Sun (after sun exposure)
• Stretch marks
• Urticaria
• Wrinkles and skin aging (in prevention)


External use only

  • Used as a mixture in your oily preparation in daily application on the face, blow and décolleté
  • As a fatty phase in the composition of creams for both the body and face. Calendula’s oily macerate can also mix into a neutral base up to a maximum of 5%
  • For the care of both superficial sunburns and scar zones: add essential oils Spike Lavender, Geranium, Italian Helichrysum, Sage officinale or Rosemary verbenone.
  • For both sensitive and reactive skin: essential oils of SpikeNard and Tansy, vegetable oil of Calophyllum inophylum.
  • Soothing balm for eczema. It can also be used on children.Mix equal parts avocado oil and calendula oil. Once you have obtained a homogenous texture, you can apply it to the skin.
    Gently massage the areas affected by eczema and allow the product to penetrate. Keep your homemade balm away from light and in a cool, dry place.



Keep it in the original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 20C

At temperatures below 10°C, there is a risk that the vegetable oil will crystallise. To avoid this phenomenon and keep your vegetable oil in good condition, store it in a cool, dry place away from light. Above all, don’t forget to reseal your oil after use to prevent it from oxidising.


Check out our post to help with your choice of vegetable oil!


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