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Did you know that nearly forty essential oils can be used in cooking? Start with this pack of 4 oils for your salty or sweet dishes


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Cooking essential oils for your salty or sweet dishes in your everyday kitchen
(4 x 10mL)

(for spicy flavour)
(salted meals)
(improves dressing, meat…)
(Asian or Indian dishes)

The pack comes in a box

Save 15% when buying this pack (from buying the 4 oils separate)

It is important to remember to use essential oils in very small doses. Indeed, one or two drops are enough to flavour a dish.

In addition, in order not to spoil the preparation, you should avoid:

  • Heat essential oils: a high temperature changes their composition;
  • Mix two or three identical essential oils at a time under penalty of a bad result;
  • Dilute the essential oil in water. Always remember, oil and water don’t mix

Each essential oil has its own properties and health benefits.

Aromatic essential oils

• Basil essential oil: you can use it in desserts, fruit recipes and savory dishes.

Health Bonus: it contains powerful antioxidants and can improve digestion, reduce water retention, and even kill internal parasites.

• Rosemary Cineole is an essential Provencal herb to always have in your kitchen that will perfume your meats, fish, and soups. It will mix perfectly Noble Laurel for example

Health bonus: its molecules prevent the development of bacteria.

You can flavor your olive oil with rosemary and/or basil essential oil. It is enough to add in a litre of virgin olive oil, 15 drops of essential oil of rosemary or basil or 7 drops of each. Shake well to mix the different oils together and let stand for about a day before using it to season raw vegetables, pasta, vegetables, fish fillets… Essential oils will also flavour mayonnaise or any other sauce (1 drop during their preparation).

Spices essential oils

• Ginger essential oil: with its spicy and lemony taste, it is ideal for flavouring soups, gingerbread, shortbread or pies. You can also mix it with cinnamon essential oil, if the dosage conditions are met.

Health Bonus: Ginger essential oil can help with digestive wellness or nausea prevention.

Cinnamon essential oil: it brings an exotic touch; you can add it to maple syrup, honey, sweet olive oil, egg yolk. You can also add it to your compotes or jams once the cooking is finished

Cinnamon essential oil is highly concentrated and may present certain risks in high doses (contains allergens and hepatotoxic agents). Health Bonus: Cinnamon essential oil can help with urinary tract infections or digestive health. It is also associated with antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

Precautions for using essential oils

Because pure essential oils are so powerful, you should ask for medical advice. They are also not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as allergic and epileptic people. Some essential oils are dangerous to health so you should absolutely not ingest them. Limit yourself to citrus essences and certain essential oils after checking that they are suitable for food use.

Strenght of the essential oils

The stronger the potency, the fewer drops you need to add to the preparation.

  • Cinnamon +++
  • Basil +
  • Ginger ++
  • Rosemary +

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