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COMPOSITION: 100% ceramic

The diffuser STONELIA is designed entirely of ceramic. This natural material is an excellent conductor of heat. It allows gentle evaporation of essential oils, while preserving their properties and aromas. Moreover, the fragrances spread naturally in the ambient air until their mixture is evenly dispersed.

Two integrated timers:

The diffuser comes with a remote control to adjust the diffusion time to 20 min or 60 min. It automatically turns off at the end of the diffusion. Diffuser STONELIA is a simple and elegant diffuser for years to come.

The diffuser STONELIA is for those who appreciate a delicately scented atmosphere, with an easy use device.



– Power supply: 220/240V – 50/60 HZ
– Power: 10W
– Maximum temperature: 45°C
– Dimensions : H 14.5 x L 11.5 x W 5.3 cm
– Weight: 400 g
– Diffusion area: up to 20 sqm


Firstly, pour a few drops of essential oils or other natural fragrance into the centre of the diffuser cup,
Secondly, plug in the diffuser 
The mode of diffusion is chosen on the remote control: the light of the chosen time is illuminated and the cup starts to heat.
The fragrances will diffuse slowly in the atmosphere until the heating has completely disappeared or stopped. Thanks to its regulated resistance, this diffuser can work without any problem, even after total evaporation of the liquid deposited on the cup


To maintain the diffuser, wipe the remaining deposit after diffusion with a damp cloth.
To facilitate cleaning, perform this operation as long as the diffuser is not completely cold, making sure it has been turned off before.


  • 2 diffusion times possible: 20 and 60 min
  • auto stop feature
  • trendy design


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