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Emergency Kit Essential Oils


Useful, this box is a real natural emergency kit! An essential to take everywhere with you: 4 essential oils essential to relieve everyday bumps: sunburn, insect bites, body aches, motion sickness, bruises and bumps…


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Product Description

Emergency Kit Essential Oils Pack
(4 x 10mL)

(bug bites, sunburn)
(hematoma, sprains, scares)
(torticollis, local pain, muscular comfort)

The pack comes in a pouch

Save 15% when buying this pack (from buying the 4 oils separate)

Properties of the emergency essential oils:

Spike Lavender essential oil:

The spike lavender essential oil has long been recognized for its restorative, regenerating and soothing skin properties. It is the ideal ally to calm insect bites, sunburn and small superficial burns.

Helichrysum essential oil:

The essential oil of the Italian Helichrysum is the essential part of the emergency kit! It prevents the formation of bruises, bumps and hematomas. It also facilitates their resorption. Skin repairer, circulatory tonic, it reduces scars and spider veins…

Wintergreen essential oil:

Very rich in natural methyl salicylate, this oil is renowned as a powerful soothing active ingredient. As a result, athletes traditionally use it for joint and muscle comfort. For this reason, it calms pain and fights inflammation.

Tea tree essential oil:

Purifying with a broad spectrum and very gentle, the essential oil of Tea tree is a must in aromatherapy. Use it all year round, it will support you during infectious episodes. Tea tree essential oil is also the most famous for the care of skin with imperfections.


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