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The Thermo Comfort Eye mask : the strong absorbing power of clay beads!
It uses natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly mineral materials.
Based on the principle of thermotherapy, it helps to relieve various ailments thanks to its double action: Use hot or cold.

How does it work?
– The high absorbency of clay beads allows them to store heat or cold.
– Charcoal beads help absorb odours and prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.


Usage of the eye mask


  • relieves headaches,
  • decongests sinuses,
  • reduces pressure,
  • reduces inflammation of mucous membranes,
  • promotes blood circulation,
  • reduces dry eyes
  • provides a comforting sensation.



  • fights eye strain,
  • soothes headaches or eye pain,
  • helps to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes,
  • helps to lower fever,
  • restores radiance to your eyes
  • provides an invigorating sensation of freshness.

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