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GuaSha Crystal quartz Beauty


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The GuaSha Rose quartz is a must-have beauty accessory! Your perfect morning beauty routine…


Product Description

The GuaSha Crystal quartz is a must-have beauty accessory! Your perfect morning beauty routine…

Traditional Chinese medicine has used this massage too for ages. The literal translation for “gua” is “to scratch” and for “sha”, “evils

It comes from natural stone that hasn’t undergone any chemical processing. It just has been cut and polished and is an entirely natural accessory free of any dangerous chemicals. Its form is considered to match the contours of the face and decolletage. Use it each day in addition to your everyday routine to support your skin


White quartz crystal helps to promote Mental clarity. It facilitates memory and helps to unlock memory potential. White quartz crystal also harmonises the body and the soul, reduces stress, and restores healthy skin.



Wash and then dry your skin

Apply a serum, a lotion or a cream (it can be simply used with water, but it is not recommended to use it on bare skin).

After that, use the GuaSha crystal quartz to massage your face.

  • Use the curved side of the stone and slide it over your skin making gentle gestures and always in the same direction. It is not recommended to perform back-and-forth movements.
  • Pass the stone up and down the neck and make small horizontal movements on your eyelids to lift them. You can also place it under your eyes and/or on a redness to soothe and deflate your skin.
  • Use gua sha in the morning to deflate and energize your skin and in the evening to relax the muscles and tissues of your face. For busy mornings, use the stone in the shower as it can be used with water only.

Tip: put it in the fridge before use, so it will also bring freshness:)


Some redness may appear on your face after using gua sha, these are completely normal because of the friction.


Weight: 45g

Size 6.5 * 8cms

Inside the package: 1 guasha crystal quartz + 1 linen cover

The crystal quartz is handmade from a natural product so there will be minor size, form and colour variations. This has no impact on the product’s quality.



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