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The healthy me aroma patch promotes good health by enhancing the immune system.


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The aroma healthy me patch it the safest method for using essential oils.

100% pure essential oils orange (Citrus sinensis), lemon (Citrus limon), tea tree (Melaleuca quinquenervia), lavender (lavandula officinalis), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) and a touch of oregano (Origanum marjorana)

Indication of the aroma healthy me patch

  • Stay healthy while travelling
  • If someone close to you is sick (at home, at work, wherever)
  • Boost the immune system during winter

Specifications of the patch

  • small,
  • disposable,
  • individually wrapped,

size: approximately 3cm x 3cm

In the center of each patch is a round receptacle in which several drops of essential oil can be applied.

underside: water-based hypoallergenic adhesive that enables the patch to stay in place on the skin

The adhesive is a hypoallergenic medical grade hydrogel adhesive with all the dermal testing approved.

duration: the smelling particles hang around for 6-8 hours

The patches are NOT transdermal, meaning that prevents the essential oil from contacting or becoming absorbed by the skin

Benefits of the aroma patch

  • Safe, portable, easy and convenient: pop them in your pockets, handbag or drawer at work,
  • No adverse side effects,
  • Gentle on skin,
  • Repositionable,
  • Personal benefits without affecting the surrounding environment,
  • Works immediately,
  • Use as often as needed,
  • They are the safest way to use aromatherapy,
  • Place them on your body or your skin – whatever works for you!
  • Plenty of time to enjoy the benefits,
  • The smell won’t disturb others.


How to use the patches?

Applying an essential oil patch is a relatively quick process. Perfect when you are so busy or kids that can’t sit still.

  1. Open the pouch and take out the patch
  2. Find the tab and peel off the top layer, while holding down the bottom layer
  3. Remove the patch from the clear liner and apply the adhesive side to your skin or clothing. For most effective use, place it on the upper chest area.
  4. Remove body lotions or oils to allow the patch to stick

where to put it? on the upper chest region of the body, close to the nose.

You can put your patch under clothing, somewhere that it isn’t visible. But you should be sure that it doesn’t prevent the essential oil from diffusing into the air. Placing it just below your collar line can works, so that the essential oil has a direct path to inhale it.

If your skin is very sensitive, apply the patch to the clothing instead of the skin itself. Even though the oils may not seep through and cause irritation, the adhesive can irritate your skin with extended wear.


Make sure the patch is flat to your skin with no wrinkles.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease


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