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Hygienic Home Essential Oils

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This box includes 4 essential oils to sanitize all the surfaces of your interior. Tonic and purifying, these essential oils are also used in diffusion to leave a pleasant feeling of freshness in your home and eliminate bad odours.


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Product Description

Hygienic Home Essential Oils Pack
(4 x 10mL)

(clean & disinfect)
(bad smells)
(spiders, flies, fleas, ants)
(antiparasitic, sanitizing)

The pack comes in a box

Save 15% when buying this pack (from buying the 4 oils separate)

Properties of the essential oils for an hygienic home

Lemon essential oil, a fragrant multi-use

With a fruity, fresh and tonic smell and antiseptic properties, the Lemon essential oil is essential to perfume all types of households, from the rubbish bin to the fridge, including the microwave.  products and bring a “good smell of clean”. As a bonus, it does wonders to flavour cakes and pancakes

Our advice: bad smells in your microwave? Put 3 drops of lemon EO in a bowl of water. Place it in the oven, 2 to 3 minutes, at 700 W. Lemon EO is perfect in household products, for example in a multi-purpose cleaner (20 cl of water, 20 cl. of white vinegar and 40 drops of lemon EO), a dishwashing product….

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil stimulates and invigorates the body and mind with its fresh and pleasant smell

Mint has an action to purify, and remove dirt and grime from a house. It will leave an irresistible smell of freshness and cleanliness.

Our advice: Very user-friendly, it combines without problem with lavender to refresh the laundry, with the tea tree to disinfect and remove mould stains. Add sodium bicarbonate, and it is a perfect spray for cleaning the bathroom. Pour on a microfiber cloth with white vinegar, it restores transparency to the windows and removes traces on the mirrors…

Lavandin essential oil, for a perfect linen!

If this EO has antiseptic properties, it is mainly used for its smell.

Our advice: If you have a dryer, place 5 drops on a washcloth to slide with your laundry before starting the cycle. To sanitize and perfume the house, pour 5 drops of EO on a cotton pad to vacuum before vacuuming.

Tea tree essential oil, a powerful disinfectant

It has strong antiseptic properties, but also antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is a powerful natural cleanser with a fresh, herbaceous smell.

Our advice: In atmospheric diffusion, tea tree EO cleanses the atmosphere and protects against winter pathologies. Very effective also against dust mites: remove dust with a damp cloth with 2 drops of EO and, above all, place 5 drops of tea tree in the laundry tank of your washing machine. So you can clean door handles, worktops and all other places from bacteria (30 drops of EO in 1 l. of white vinegar).


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