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Leucidal is a preservative 100% of natural origin and is widely used in organic cosmetics. Produced by fermentation of radishes by Leuconostoc bacteria, it contains peptides with antibacterial properties.  Non-irritating, it is very well tolerated by the skin. Likewise, it is suitable for the preservation of products intended for sensitive skin. Effective in the entire pH range and very easy to use, it is ideal for storing all types of products containing an aqueous phase: creams, milks, gels, lotions, foaming products…


INCI : Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Aqua

Processing method: Produced by fermentation of radishes by Bacteria Leuconostoc Kimchii

Odour: Odorless
Colour: Fluid liquid of yellow to amber colour


Broad-spectrum antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Therefore, it stops the spread of bacteria, yeasts, moulds in all cosmetic products containing water.


  • Preservation of emulsions (creams, milks)
  • As a preservative in stable cosmetic preparations containing water (lotions, emulsions, gels, shampoos, shower gels…) to avoid microbial developments
  • As a moisturizing active ingredient

Add the leucidal at the end of preparation and below 70 ° C.

Instructions for use


The recommended dosage for the preservation of your homemade cosmetic: 0.5 to 4% – recommended 2-3%.

Influence on the pH of aqueous preparations: Slightly decreases the pH

general characteristics of leucidal

Soluble in water, glycerin and in alcohol

Not soluble in oil

1ml = 25 to 27 drops

Density 1.14-1.18

EFFECTIVE FOR ANY PH ≤ 9 Leucidal can slightly acidify preparations

If your product contains only oily substances (oils, butters, waxes), do not use this preservative. It is preferable in this instance to use EOs at 1,5 % minimum or vitamin E.


– keep out of reach of children

– do not swallow (harmful), do not inhale, avoid eye contact

– respect the recommended dosage

We recommend, like with EOs, to carry out an allergy test in the crook of the elbow (test of the finished product or the preservative diluted at 1%). After that, you need to wait then at least 24 h (ideally 48 h) to notice an eventual reaction.



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