Make-up sponge


The make-up sponge is perfect for applying your fluid foundation, cream or powder. Its soft texture allows you to fix your makeup for a good hold on the foundation. Perfect to make retouches at any time of the day!


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Soft and guaranteed without latex, the make-up sponge:

  • is perfect for evenly spreading liquid, cream or powder foundation,
  • leaves the skin grain even, the complexion harmonious.

FEATURES of the make-up sponge

  • Ideal for liquid, creamy and powdered products
  • Set of 2
  • Size: 40 x 50 mm
  • Without latex

HOW TO USE the make-up sponge

  • Place your liquid foundation on a corner of the make-up sponge,
  • Firstly, heat it on the top of your hand
  • Secondly, apply it to the face by stretching from the middle area outwards.
  • Wash it daily by soaking it in a little soapy water.
  • Then, rub it directly on the soap to remove everything and dry it in a dry place.

The brand: AVRIL

Organic and cheap make up

The French brand Avril was launched in April 2012 with the goal of being able to let every woman use organic.

Avril has 4 strong values: quality, ecology, price and service.

The range of organic cosmetics is certified by an independent organization, Ecocert. It guarantees that at least:

  • 95% of the ingredients in the products are of natural origin and
  • 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming.

Above all, each product get strict quality controls (tests, traceability and quality of raw materials …) that guarantee stability and maximum tolerance of the formula

Each time it is possible, Avril gets rid of unwanted packaging elements of its products to reduce the ecological impact of our beautiful blue planet.

In accordance with European legislation, Avril does not carry out any test on animals, whether the product is raw materials or finished. Avril wants to make organic cosmetics accessible to all women!

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