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Mosquito repellent


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Discover our solid anti-mosquito with a sweet lemon smell. With its natural composition, it effectively protects your skin from mosquitoes, especially tiger mosquitoes.


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Product Description

This strong mosquito repellent comes from natural sources. It works well to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away without hurting your skin, so you don’t get bitten.

Because it’s short and easy to make, you can use it on your face as well as your body.

It’s simple to use, doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy, and has a light lemongrass scent.

This murumuru butter bug repellent works for at least 4 hours to keep mosquitoes, including tiger mosquitoes, and their bites away. After that time, it’s best to reapply it.

Please note that it is not suitable for pregnant women (because of its active derived from lemongrass) and that it is suitable for children from 6 months (for a single daily application) and nursing women.

You can recycle this solid 80g stick’s box, and it will last you up to 3 months of daily use. You can take it with you anywhere, even on a plane.


  • Universal: suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Product that respects your body and the environment.
  • No harmful or controversial chemicals or preservatives or stabilizers.
  • Minimalist and biodegradable packaging, made of recyclable cardboard, thus reducing our plastic waste in order to contribute to the preservation of our environment.
  • 100% natural product, consisting of only 3 ingredients
  • Capacity: 80g


The+ for you
Protects from tiger mosquitoes
Does not leave a greasy finish on the skin
Sweet and pleasant lemon smell
No dye, no perfume, no preservatives
Perfect for travel, allowed in cabin baggage

The + for the planet
Vegan cosmetics
Eco-friendly, biodegradable and zero waste
In accordance with European laws, not tested on animals
Economical: 80g after-sun Comme Avant = 3 months of use
Recyclable and compostable packaging



Short composition: Hydrolyzed sunflower wax, PMD (anti-mosquito active)
INCI: Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter, Hydrolyzed Sunflower Seed Wax, PMD Rich Botanic Oil

vegan illustration

Properties of some components



Derived from lemongrass, PMD (also called Citriodiol or Citrepel) is the biocide active ingredient that has a repulsive action. It is the only natural alternative to chemical molecules.


Vegetable substance derived from the murumuru palm. Originally from Brazil, it is made from the extraction of the oil present in the palm nuts which is transformed into a creamy texture.
This molecule exists in nature at low concentrations. This active ingredient is made from lemon eucalyptus or lemongrass (in this case), which brings its sweet lemon smell to our mosquito stick.


There is no essential oils or pure lemongrass because to date, and as extraordinary as it may seem, their effectiveness is not scientifically proven to protect against mosquito bites.



– rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.


-Moisturize: After sun exposure, the skin can become dehydrated and irritated. Murumuru butter penetrates deep into the skin to provide intense, long-lasting moisture;

-Nourish: Thanks to its essential fatty acids, murumuru butter restores the skin barrier. It also promotes healing, suppleness and elasticity of the skin;

-Soothing: The soothing properties of murumuru butter help to calm redness and irritation due to the sun;

-Protect: The antioxidants in murumuru butter help fight the weakening of skin cells leading to cell aging;

-Relieve: Murumuru butter easily penetrates the skin while leaving a protective film that retains moisture.


Simply push the bottom of the stick to release the substance. Then, move the stick over the body and face that aren’t covered, being careful not to touch the eye outline.

It should be put on more especially to hot spots like the bend in the elbow, knee, wrist, or neck and neck. So, the repelling effect will be spread out better.

Make sure you put it on healthy, dry skin the first time, and do it again if you sweat. Following use, it is important to wash your hands.

If you want to stay safe from bugs like mosquitoes for at least four hours, you should reapply the protection.

Please note that it’s not safe for women who are pregnant. It is safe for children over 6 months old (one treatment per day) and women who are breastfeeding, but be careful not to put it too close to the chest. At the very least, don’t put bug spray on your hands.

Could you put this natural bug spray on your face?

The mosquito repellent has a short formula and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky. You can use it on your face or body. It keeps you safe and treats your face well. But it’s best to avoid putting it on around your eyes.

Is it safe for kids and women who are pregnant or nursing?

Children from 6 months old (up to 2 years) can use our solid mosquito protection as long as they wash their hands well after using it and don’t put it too close to their chest. It’s also safe for women who are breastfeeding.
But women who are pregnant shouldn’t use it because it has an insect protection ingredient that comes from essential oils.

How to keep an insect repellent that works?

Keep the stick in a dry place, out of the sun and away from moisture, so it doesn’t melt too soon.

What length of time does a natural bug spray last?

Our bug spray keeps mosquitoes away for at least 4 hours. Remember to put it on again after washing or sweating.

Does it have perfume or alcohol in it?

Our bug spray doesn’t have any booze or perfume in it. It’s made up of only three naturally occurring ingredients: Murumuru butter, hydrolyzed sunflower wax, and PMD (an insecticide)

Is it safe to leave out in the sun?

Several studies say that PMD is not a factor that makes you more sensitive to light.
In general, if you’re going to be outside in the sun, you should put on sunscreen first and then your bug spray a few minutes later.


Store your natural after sun away from heat, at room temperature


It is on this ethical basis that Comme Avant (Means “As Before”) manufactures and sells its solid skincare and beauty products. This policy is logically accompanied by a desire to promote local products and promote short circuits as much as possible. From cosmetics to textiles, everything is made in their workshops in the Marseille region. The plant species  we use sometimes grow only in distant countries, which is why they are careful that their suppliers around the world respect the human values that are theirs. It is an authentic lifestyle, based on this ecological base, that inspires this company in its production chain.


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