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Natural clay pebble


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Treat yourself to a moment of me-time with our natural scrub stone!

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Product Description

Our natural clay pebble is ideal for a gentle scrub without attacking your skin. A natural stone that can be used on your body and face to leave your skin soft and smooth. It eliminates dead skin and calluses sometimes present in heels, elbows, knees, or hands.

In addition to removing impurities and dead cells, this clay stone is ideal for preparing your skin for care (hair removal, for example) and facilitates the absorption by the skin of moisturizing care for better effectiveness. This exfoliating pebble can also be passed on to areas sensitive to cellulite to prevent its appearance.

On the face, the pebble will help tighten the pores of the face and limit excess sebum, while being soft enough to preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

This natural roller also helps to remove traces (paints, pen, etc.) as well as body or food odors.

A zero-waste multi-user accessory

It avoids scrubs packaged in plastic jars, exfoliating microplastic beads, or sponges that irritate the skin.

This natural zero-waste exfoliating stone, packaged in a kraft bag, allows you to unclog your skin naturally and without generating waste.


How to use:

After exfoliating the affected area of the body with soap or vegetable oil, wet the roller and gently roll it in tiny circles over the skin, varying the pressure according to the area’s sensitivity.

Children can also use this natural clay stone. However, to keep small children safe, we do advise you to help them.

Additionally, we advise against applying to wounded skin or delicate areas of the body, like the neck and eye contour.

The frequency of usage should be adjusted based on your skin type and preferences! Although you can use it on your body every day, we nevertheless advise spacing out its use if you have sensitive skin. It’s best to exfoliate your face no more than once or twice a week to avoid overdoing it and damaging your skin.



This exfoliating pebble is entirely natural, made from French clay, without any chemicals.

The benefits of the clay: it cleanses, softens, and moisturizes the epidermis. It also has soothing properties for itching, irritated, or blemished skin and can relieve mosquito or insect bites.

It is therefore ideal for all skin types: dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin, acne or for sensitive skin. This exfoliating, soft and healthy pebble repairs and calms irritated skin. It will leave your skin smooth and soft, ready to be hydrated.

Our clay pebble comes in different colors, ranging from beige to pink, depending on the production. Handmade and carefully selected, each piece is unique.

The manufacturing process is very specific. The dough must first be made from clay and water, then pressed to obtain its original form in “donuts”. After two days of drying, the pebbles are trimmed with water to smooth the shape, dried again, and then cooked at high temperatures. They are then hand-picked to emphasize their porosity.


Precautions and storage:

  • After each use, let the pebble dry and store it in a dry place, thanks to its grip.
  • To maintain your clay scrub stone at best, you can clean it about once a month. We advise you to brush it with a mixture of white vinegar diluted in water. In the event of an impact on your pebble, simply rub a sharpening stone on it to make the roller uniform again.



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