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Treat yourself to a moment of me-time with our natural scrub stone!

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Made from nothing but clay, with soothing and healing properties, the natural scrub stone leaves skin soft, radiant and rids it of impurities. It can be used on the entire body and is ideal for the feet and elbows, or for exfoliating your legs before hair removal.

You can also use it on the face, on imperfections, and even on mosquito bites!
Say goodbye to harsh pumice stones and liquid exfoliators containing microbeads. The scrub stone lasts forever and is handmade from French clays in France’s Drôme region.

There are three colours (randomly): white, orange/red and a marbled mixture of the two, and all are made from 100% clay!

How to use:

For a pure pampering moment, use the scrub stone in the shower.

Wet well with water before rubbing it on your skin or, even better, use it with soap too.

Don’t press too hard: you don’t need to, and this could damage your skin. If you want to use the scrub stone on your face, be even more gentle, and test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure it isn’t too harsh.
Body butter can be applied afterwards for the perfect skin-smoothing finishing touch!

Good to know: you can also use the scrub stone to help remove stubborn stains on numerous fabrics!


The natural scrub stone is made from 100% French clays. Regardless of whether these clays are white (kaolin) or red, they have the same soothing, softening and healing properties.

Clays are of mineral origin, not plant origin, so they cannot be certified organic. They are, however, 100% naturally derived.

Precautions and storage:

  • Dry the scrub stone between uses.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • A scrub stone should last a lifetime.
  • If it’s dropped or chipped, simply smooth it with some sandpaper!

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