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The orange blossom floral water is softening, it reduces anxiety, and facilitates sleep. Gentle tonic, it refreshes and soothes all types of skins and irritations. It can also be used in cooking!



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Processing method of orange blossom floral water: water from the steam distillation
Part of the plant: flowers
Origin: Morocco

Smell: neroli (not orange as it comes from the flowers not from the fruit)

100% pure and natural – ORGANIC

Agro-alimentary Organic Product

Botanical name: Citrus aurantium
Family: Rutaceae
The orange blossom comes from a thorny shrub, the bigaradier also called “bitter orange”. From this tree come three essential oils: petitgrain, neroli and bitter orange. To clarify, it should not be confused with the orange tree which produces the essential oil of sweet orange. Very good antistress, the smell of orange blossom hydrolat soothes tensions, also calms anxiety and further promotes sleep for young and old. Sprayed on pillows and linens, it’s the perfect soothing for the whole family.
  • For whom: all types of skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, dull and tired skin, also children’s skin.
  • For what: as an aqueous phase in your emulsions, a base for gels and tonics, pure on fabric or as a face spray, in addition as a spray-on linen and household fabrics.


  • Regenerating and revitalising of skin tissue
  • Clarifying, it brings back radiance and light to skin tone
  • Gentle tonic, it refreshes and also soothes the skin and irritations
  • Soothing, it calms and relaxes. For instance, it helps children (and adults) finding sleep


  • Dull skin tone, lightless
  • Normal and dry skins, care of delicate and mature skins
  • Delicate baby skins
  • Skin inflammations, irritations and itches


  • Pure: as an air spray or directly on the skin, hair, linen, curtains…
  • Incorporated in all your cosmetic formulae: dry skincare, lotions, children
  • Diluted in your iron
  • In rice pudding, or in infusions at night with a little honey


Against insomnia, sleep disorders: Orally, add 1 teaspoon to a glass of warm water to drink before bedtime

For all skin types (oily, acne, dry, mature… from 3 months): spray on the whole face, or on the affected area


Keep in the original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C

Use within 4 months after opening

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2 reviews for Orange blossom floral water – Organic

  1. Nadine W. (store manager)

    A delightful floral water useful for all sorts of occasions: as an aftershave, a cooling lotion after a long walk in the sun, a touch of perfume for a little girl…

  2. Nadine Watson (verified owner)

    My husband’s new aftershave

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