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Refillable Empty Metal Nasal Inhalers


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Product Description


These Metal nasal inhalers with a removable glass bottle are easy to use.


Size: 5ml
Material: Anodized aluminium + glass inner bottle
Dimensions: Approx. 93mm height with 19mm diameter
Weight:  about 16g.

How to use the metal nasal inhalers:

1. Disassemble the inhaler (directly pull up the inter cap )
2. Then remove the nasal part from the base
3. Unscrew the inner bottle made of glass.
4. Put wick into nasal inhaler tubes
5. Add 3-5 drops of oil onto the wick
6. Reassemble your inhaler.

7. Place near your nose and inhale.
8. Use as often as you feel necessary.

These inhalers should last for years. The removable bottle inside is made of glass. Providing you with the personal scents and oils needed by only you.

Why choose the metal nasal inhalers:

Those metal inhalers have a glass bottle insert whereas the less expensive plastic inhalers may simply insert the wick straight into the plastic vessel.

The essential oils are safe in the glass bottle and can’t deteriorate plastic over time. The inhaler with the glass bottle insert will cost you more but will last longer!

You can customize your scents to suit your lifestyle needs and you can bring them everywhere as they are small and portable!


When Should I Replace Inhaler Wicks?

As you use your inhaler stick, the aroma will weaken as the oils evaporate. You can always add essential oils to the wick when you feel the scent has faded. However, the wick will deteriorate, and the oils will oxidize over time.

When you wish to change to a different essential oil simply disassemble and use a tweezer to remove the old piece of cotton.

Clean the bottle with hot soapy water, rinse and let dry.  Place a new cotton piece in your bottle.  And re-assemble the inhaler.

Use Caution When Working With Essential Oils and Inhalers

Many oils have complementary and overlapping therapeutic properties. As you discover these properties, you can start to experiment with aromas. However, the safe use of essential oils in an inhaler or diffuser may not be safe as a topical treatment.

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