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Soap net

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You will take everything in your soaps! Put them into the soap net in sisal to avoid waste or hang up your soap to keep it dry.



Product Description

Thanks to him, you will not lose a crumb of your soaps. Slip the leftover soap and soap loaves into the Sisal soap net to use until the end. Well trapped in the net, the small remains of soaps develop their foam once moistened and are used until the end.
You can also use this net to place your soap after the shower and hang it away from moisture


– Dimensions: 9 * 14 cm

– 100% natural Sisal fiber (plant in the Agavaceae family native to eastern Mexico)

– Machine washable to a maximum of 30°C


100% natural fiber of Sisal


  • Slip the soap crumbs inside so you don’t mess up: use the soap net like a glove.
  • Use the net to hang your soap dry to prevent it from melting at the edge of the tub


It can go to the washing machine in 30°C with similar colors

The brand: AVRIL

Organic and cheap make up

The French brand Avril was launched in April 2012 with the goal of being able to let every woman use organic.

Avril has 4 strong values: quality, ecology, price and service.

The range of organic cosmetics is certified by an independent organization, Ecocert. It guarantees that at least:

  • 95% of the ingredients in the products are of natural origin and
  • 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming.

Above all, each product get strict quality controls (tests, traceability and quality of raw materials …) that guarantee stability and maximum tolerance of the formula


  1. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Reassuring to know you are using a kawaii (cute) product that when it was made, it looked after the earth well. (Earth friendly product)

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