Solid facial cleanser – Dry skin


Solid face cleaner with hibiscus scent


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  • Aims at zero waste,
  • Vegan,
  • Sulfate-free,
  • Easy to use for travelling.
  • Last 4 months


How to use the solid facial cleanser:

Morning or/and at night:

Firstly, rub the wet cloud on your wet skin to generate a thin and creamy foam, then massage your face and rinse thoroughly with clean water!

Beauty tip:

Once you are done with the facial cleanser, use the sponge Konjac to deep clean and make your skin smooth. You can also use it in the shower!

How to determine your skin type?

Read more here

Benefits of the solid facial cleanser:

This small cloud soothes and hydrates perfectly the driest and most sensitive skin, so it gives you a smooth, soft and nourished skin without fat residues

Ingredients : (list INCI)

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate / Stearic Acid** / Palmitic Acid** / Cocos Nucifera Oil* / Avena Sativa Kernel Flour* / Aqua / Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder* / Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil** / Decyl Glucoside / Lavandula Hybrida Oil* / Arnica Montana Flower Extract* / Tocopherol** / Geraniol*** / Limonene*** / Linalool***.

* labelled organic

** ingredients with natural origin

*** naturally in essential oils components

// Explanation regarding the vegetable ingredients

  • Sodium cocoyl isethionate: Other surfactant derived from coconut, produces a gentle and creamy lather.
  • Stearic acid / palmitic acid: Derived from olive oil, it will solidify the facial cleanser.
  • Cocos nucifera oil*: Coconut oil is used for its nourishing properties
  • Decyl glucoside: gentle surfactant derived from coconut. Allows cleansing and lathering
  • Avena sativa kernel flour *: oatmeal helps to clean the skin while giving it a gentle effect. It is suitable for redness.
  • Hibiscus sabdariffa flower powder *: hibiscus powder, with a pretty purple colour, it supports hydration and softens the skin. Rich in polyphenols, it is perfect for sensitive or mature skin
  • Tocopherol/helianthus annuus seed oil **: anti-oxidant (Vitamin E) it will protect them from staleness.
  • Lavandula hybrida oil *: the essential oil (from the lavandin flowers) is used for its antiseptic, purifying and repairing properties.
  • Arnica montana flower extract/helianthus annuus seed oil *: the extract, with soothing and calming properties, is macerated in sunflower oil.
  • Geraniol, limonene, linalool: naturally in essential oils components!

* labelled organic

** natural origin

// Explanation regarding the mineral ingredients

  • Aqua: water, facilitates the manufacturing process


This little cloud is not chewable and not recommended for children under 3 years old and for pregnant and nursing women

Do not use it in case of allergy to one of the ingredients.

Avoid putting it in contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, otherwise, it stings!

Do not leave the cleaner in water because it will melt: store it on a soap holder or in a storage jar with a hole in the lid so it evaporates water

After a while and if put in contact with the sun too often, this product will go brown. But, this does not affect the quality of its ingredients or its efficacy

Weight: 25g

Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 3 cm

Biodegradable packaging

Handmade in France, Vegan, Aims zero waste


Natural, Cruelty-Free & Vegan cosmetic

Lamazuna, which in Georgien mean “pretty young girl ”; it is an eco-responsible make up brand handmade in France with a value of everything to be natural. Its purpose is to remove the maximum of disposables or “consumables” products from the bathroom instead of those replacing hygiene, beauty and “friendly nature” products.


Lamazuna is a zero waste brand

She has been a Slow Cosmetic winner since 2013 and specializes in Vegan and Zero Waste cosmetics. The brand has succeeded in offering ecological alternatives products due to a choice of natural ingredients. With its range of eco-friendly, 100% natural, vegan and sustainable cosmetics for the whole family, it’s the one-time-under-water-zero-waste.

Since their creation, it is 29 million less waste since June 2019


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg

Cleanser on its own, Cleanser + pochouette


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