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The solid shampoo box is the indispensable accessory, which allows to carry it everywhere, with its lid that turns over! Its closing system ensures perfect sealing. Its lid, when turned over, allows you to present your shampoo and dry it between 2 uses

Features of the solid shampoo box:

Specially designed to receive the Solid Shampoo, it is made of:
  • 100% natural bio-material,
  • based on corn starch,
  • derived from renewable resources,
  • It is recyclable and compostable



Secrets de Provence

Organic cosmetic

Made in 2010, the french brand flagship of the natural toilet  ’Secrets De Provence’, offers innovative natural products. As a result, with a strong knowledge of soap making, the brand offers a wide range of high-performance organic hygiene products dedicated to the whole family.

For all those who:

  • like simple things, practical and compact,
  • do a lot of sports,
  • are often on the move,

Secrets de Provence offers you care which are mainly solid, to handle like soaps!

All the products are formed with 100% natural ingredients. Therefore, they contain no dyes, preservatives, silicone or sulphate.


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