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The 3 antiviral essential oils Ravintsara, Palmarosa and Niaouli

The trio Cinnamomum camphora / Cymbopogon martinii / Melaleuca quinquinervia is a very effective synergy against most viral infections.

We combine:

-oxides (1,8-cineol),

-monoterpenols (geraniol and alpha-terpineol)

-varied monoterpenes (alpha-pinenes, among others),

> the viral infection is attacked on all fronts.

Application on the skin, dilution in a VO (very good tolerance).


Properties of the 3 antiviral essential oils

The ravintsara essential oil: Indicated for ENT-related infections. Its antiviral action and stimulating effects on the immune system are powerful. The whole family can us it! It is also very helpful for winter infections. Exceptional antiviral and bactericide: therefore, it avoids the risks of over-infection when you get a viral disease. It also acts against shingles and  herpes, especially as it accelerates healing

The niaouli essential oil: It is an anti-infectious essential oil to protect you during the winter. It is also an indispensable oil to have in the family medicine cupboard and a precious help to fight daily aches. It is a powerful antiviral: the earlier the essential oil is applied during a viral episode, the more effective it will be

The palmarosa essential oil: Rich in geraniol with antimicrobial effects, this oil has purifying and sanitizing effects. Antiviral, it supports the immunity. It is also anti-infectious, anti-bacterial and antifungal

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  1. Susan (verified owner)

    Great oils.

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