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Good mood essential oils


A trio for those who want to keep the greyness at bay and keep smiling !!


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Product Description

The 3 good mood essential oils (Exotic Verbena, Grapefruit and Ylang-ylang) to give you the smile 🙂

The trio Litsea Cubeba / Citrus paradisiCananga odorata : 3 optimizing essential oils to use in diffusion or massage to bring joy and a good mood!

We combine:

-terpenic aldehydes of the litsea cubeba, the smell of optimism!

-sesquiterpenes of the ylang-ylang, tonic and anti-fatigue

-monoterpenes (limonene of the grapefruit), tonic and general stimulant


> The joy in your everyday life by: 

  • Diffusion,
  • Application on the skin, dilution in a VO (very good tolerance).


Properties of these 3 joyful essential oils

The exotic verbena essential oil:  with lemon notes, this essential oil promotes relaxation, joy and a good mood. It also invites a restful rest.

The grapefruit essential oil: invigorating, this essential oil is perfect in diffusion to bring optimism and a good mood. Stimulating, it promotes self-confidence and refocuses ideas.

The Ylang-ylang III essential oil: has interesting antispasmodic effects. It is traditionally known to calm breathing and heart rate in case of stress. It is also wonderful for fighting stress and difficulty falling asleep.


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– Babies: Do not diffuse essential oils in the baby’s room.

– Prefer cold diffusion. Use a mist or an electric diffuser. Avoid using perfume burners. Indeed, heat may degrade essential oils.

– Do not diffuse essential oils in a room during sleep. Diffuse the essential oils into the room no later than 30 minutes before bedtime.

– Diffuse essential oils for periods of time not exceeding 20 minutes in a row if you use an electric diffuser.

– Always ensure good daily ventilation of your rooms. Do not diffuse in confined unventilated spaces.

– Do not breathe in the essential oils above the diffuser.

– Avoid diffusing essential oils too close to varnished or painted surfaces, as they may alter them.

– Store your essential oils bottles in a dry, cool place, away from light to preserve all their properties.


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