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The Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that can play the role of a natural preservative in your oily preparations (based on EOs and/or vegetable butter). It will protect them from staleness and also has the ability to maintain them in perfect condition retaining all their original properties.

Vitamin E has also an interesting role on your skin: it has active properties that protect the skin from ageing and from inflammations.


It is obtained from sunflower oil. Vitamin E is a compound of natural tocopherols. Therefore, this natural antioxidant is perfectly suited for cosmetic usage.


  • Improves skin’s micro-circulation.
  • Slows down the rancidity of your preparations.
  • Anti-ageing: it blocks the action of free radicals on the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory, it is useful when sunburnt
  • Assist in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and hydration by strengthening the cutaneous hydrolipidic film.
  • Antioxidant: protects oils and butters from rancidity.


As an antioxidant:

  • In preparations containing fatty substances (to prolong the VOs preservation length and its properties).
  • To add to your ‘sensitive’ VOs as soon as purchased in order to extend the preservation length.


As an active antioxidant:

  • Mature skins (creams or oils for anti-ageing care)
  • Protection care (after sun exposure or preparing for sun exposure)
  • In the care of dry and dehydrated skins.

General characteristics

Not water soluble

Soluble in oil

Vitamin E is a thick liquid so it does not flow well through the codi-drop.
You can thin it by putting the bottle for a few moments in hot water. 
In all cases, it is necessary to
firstly, remove the codi-drop to remove the product
Secondly, you can then pick it with a pipette, if you need a precise dosage.
After that, put it back to ensure the sealing of the cap

types of dosages

Vitamin E dosage:

  • As an antioxidant: 02 to 0.2% (of the weight of oil to preserve)

Example:  For 100g of VO or of preparation: add from 1 to 10 drops.

  • As an active antioxidant:1 to 0.5% (of the total weight of the preparation)

Example: For 100g of VO or of preparation: add from 4 to 20 drops.

Typical Dosage: 0,2 % (about 8 drops for 100 gr of preparation)

(1 ml = about 30 drops)

  • Incorporate cold at the end of the preparation.
  • Mix thoroughly so as to homogenize the mixture.
  • It is possible to add vitamin E directly into the bottle of VO to prolong their life expectancy.


Keep at room temperature away from dampness and light.

Always remember to close the bottle tightly after use.


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