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Wooden Diffuser


Use this capillary diffuser made of wood from sustainably managed forests to softly and consistently spread essential oils.

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Product Description

This attractive fig leaf-shaped wooden diffuser not only allows you to perfume your home, but it also helps you to spread essential oils via capillarity, maximising its diffusion capabilities. It is appropriate for use in small and medium spaces at home or in the office, and it will fit in seamlessly with your existing decor.



Base and stick: made of ethically and responsibly maintained beech wood

Leaf: plywood sheet sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forest


Dimensions (Size)
– Base: 7 cm * 3.5 cm
– Stick + Leaf: 13..6 cms * 7.7 cms

– Diffusion in a small room (10m2)
– Diffusion type: capillarity

– Works without a power supply



Wood brown beige naturally striated


This diffuser allows the diffusion of essential oils by capillarity by placing the stick directly in the 10ml bottle  thanks to the adapter provided. You can customize the atmosphere of the room according to the chosen perfume.

1.Remove the codigoutte from the neck of the bottle of essential oils of your choice with a spatula or the blade of a knife.

2.Insert the stick and its fig leaf with its plastic adapter into the bottle of essential oils. Push the tip into the neck of the bottle.

3.Slide the set into the beech wood base.

usage diffuser

Diffuse your essential oils with elegance.

It is possible to mix the essential oils and fragrances of your choice to create your own personal composition. You can also use our blends

Its diffusion is gradual and lasts until the perfume has completely evaporated. When the stick-shaped fig leaf becomes excessively odorous, it can be refilled.

When the stick in the shape of fig leaf is too loaded with smell, you can replace it thanks to its refill. Be careful to keep the plastic adapter not supplied with the refill.

Sold empty, you will have the choice to diffuse our essential oils or compositions for diffuser, or your personal recipes of compositions.



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