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Zen and meditation Essential oils

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A pack for all fans of yoga or meditation and all those who want a moment of relaxation! A trio of zen and warm essential oils to use in diffusion or massage to create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.


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  • Size: 12*9cm / 4.7*3.5″
  • Material: Canvas

The zen and meditation essential oils package Content:

1  Wallet (comes randomly) + 3 oils

Enjoy a 15% discount when buying this pack (from buying the 3 oils separate) and a free pouch (the pouch comes randomly)!

Properties of the essential oils

Frankincense essential oil [bowellia carterii]: by encouraging the abandonment of the mind, it is the meditative EO par excellence. The soothing and invigorating richness of its aroma provides an infinite source of well-being.

It is particularly suitable for meditation, with a scent similar to the incense sticks you are probably familiar with (without the disadvantages that are specific to them, such as the release of toxic compounds into the air).

Sandalwood essential oil (20% blend with Jojoba) [santalum austrocaledonicum]: Sandalwood is very popular in India and in Buddhist shrines to accompany meditative ceremonies. It is said to calm your mind, make the mind more receptive and thus elevate spirituality.

Sandalwood is said to open the Third Eye, allowing you to connect with your spirit.

Orange essential oil [citrus sirensis persoon]: to soothe anxiety Its fragrance has the ability to provide a stimulating effect that helps concentration in addition to reducing the body’s natural reaction to stressors. A touch of sweet orange essential oil on the inner side of your wrists can help chain the different asanas, while relieving feelings of frustration or fear. Combine this with deep breathing, and your body/mind will come out relaxed.

To know more about meditation, read the complete post HERE


– Babies: Do not diffuse essential oils in the baby’s room.

– Prefer cold diffusion. Use a mist or an electric diffuser. Avoid using perfume burners. Indeed, heat may degrade essential oils.

– Do not diffuse essential oils in a room during sleep. Diffuse the essential oils into the room no later than 30 minutes before bedtime.

– Diffuse essential oils for periods of time not exceeding 20 minutes in a row if you use an electric diffuser.

– Always ensure good daily ventilation of your rooms. Do not diffuse in confined unventilated spaces.

– Do not breathe in the essential oils above the diffuser.

– Avoid diffusing essential oils too close to varnished or painted surfaces, as they may alter them.

– Store your essential oils bottles in a dry, cool place, away from light to preserve all their properties.


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