Diffuser DAOLIA

  • $171.00

Sure value : recommended by leading experts of the aromatherapy market. It is everything that one expects of a nebulizer diffuser: Efficiency & Diffusion settings.

A nebulizer diffuser with remote control: equipped with nebulizing technology in an oak base, it releases active molecules without having to heat essential oils, thus retaining all of their therapeutic properties.

Two options with its integrated remote control on the power cable:

1. A timer that turns off the device after 30 minutes of diffusion, thus avoiding ambient air saturation with essential oils.

2. Control settings adapt the diffusion according to the available space and regulate the volume of essential oil diffused.

There's also a timer (3 cycles of 15 min. ON / 15 min. OFF), appreciated by regular users of essential oils.

- Power supply : 220V – 50/60 HZ
- Power : 6V / 500mA
- Dimensions : H 21 x Diam. 11,7 cm
- Weight : 350 g
- Diffusion area : up to100 sqm


• Diffusion area up to 100 m²
• Suitable temperature for essential oils
• Electronic timer & power regulator
• Stopper that pivots 360°