Mint leaf

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  • Growing area: Henan province China
  • 100% natural dried mint leaf (mentha canadensis)
  • Package: 50g
  • Flavor: cooling and refreshing minty flavors
  • Caffeine scale: free
  • Storage: Keep this tea away from high temperature, sunlight, moisture and abnormal taste in a airtight container
  • Usage: Essential for the preparation of the green tea to the mint either some tabbouleh, the mint can be also used as herb tea, only or with other aromatic herbs or spices


  • TEMP : 95C
  • QUANTITY PER LITER 4.5g (3 tablespoon) in 1/2 liter boiling water during 2 minutes (can be infused a second time during 4 minutes)

A very fragrant, minty tea can bring you cool feeling in hot summer days for relaxing. Suitable chilled. The mint tea was recommended as heath beverage in Fitness magazine. Perfect when you feel tired or after your midday rest to refresh your both mind and body.