Natural Facial Washing Konjac Sponge

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-material: natural fiber
-diameter: Approx. 7.5 cm / 2.95 inches
The round and flexible sponge is 100% natural by the fermentation of edible konjac fiber and adapted for all skin types.
No chemical additives added
-the very soft surface can remove the impurities that clog the pores (in-depth pores face cleaning)
-kill bacteria that cause acne
-effectively gentle features are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin
-naturally hydrates the skin
-gently exfoliates to bring back the natural glow of the skin
-ideal for people with atopic skin disorders (hypersensitive skin)
-help reduce pores with mild nature, regularize and rest of water and oil, relieve oily shine and rough pores, keep the skin refreshing, tender, and smooth

-Improve blood circulation and remove dead cuticles.

Massage gently and Exfoliation
*Natural low alkalinity:
The konjac sponge has natural low alkalinity it can help keep the alkalinity low in human body status, and it can also clean your face and body even without cleansing milk or shampoo.
* No stimulation:
The very soft texture has no stimulation at all skin, so it is very suitable for sensitive skin and baby skin.
* Natural Konjac:
Suitable for all skin types
* Wood Charcoal Bamboo:
For oily and acne prone skin
Take care of Your Konjac Sponge
Konjac Sponge Puff with Bamboo Charcoal is 100% natural and is great for cleansing teen skin and oily skin prone to spots and outbreaks. The Bamboo Charcoal works as an antioxidant, leaving your skin clean and refreshed naturally
* Green clay
For combination and oily skin: tightens pores, tones the complexion and revitalizes damaged skin cells.
After use :
-Rinse the sponge and gently squeeze excess water.
-Do not twist or twist dry. This could damage the fine natural fibers that make up the sponge and shorten its useful life
-Block the sponge on its chain in a cool and well ventilated place and allow to dry naturally

Package Includes:

1x Sponge Face Cleanser