Orange blossom floral water - Organic

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Processing method : steam distillation  from flowers of Citrus aurantium (ORGANIC)
Family : Rutacées
Odor : Herbaceous
Origin : Morroco


  • Regenerating and revitalising of skin tissue
  • Clarifying, it brings back radiance and light to skin tone
  • Gentle Tonic, it refreshes and soothes the skin and irritations
  • Soothing, calms and relaxes. Helps children (and adults) finding sleep


    • Dull skin tone, lightless
    • Normal and dry skins, care of delicate and mature skins
    • Delicate baby skins
    • Skin inflammations, irritations and itches


        • Pure: as an air spray or directly on the skin, hair, linen, curtains…
        • Incorporated in all your cosmetic formulae: dry skin care, lotions, children
        • Diluted in your iron
        • In rice pudding, or in infusions at night with a little honey

                Storage conditions: Keep in original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C