Lavender fine AOP essential oil - Organic

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Processing method : steam distillation from the flowering top of Lavandula angustifolia Miller
Family : Lamiacées
Odor : Rural, floral and herbaceous
Origin : France - Haute Provence

100 % pure & natural without any other additives - ORGANIC


  • Strong antispasmodic,
  • Soothing, sedative, relaxing, anti depressant
  • Strong dermal healer and regenerates the skin and skin tissue in external use analgesic (pain relief)
  • Antimicrobial and antiseptic,
  • Regulatory of the nervous system
  • General disinfectant and pulmonary disinfectant
  • Benefits the heart by its cardio tonic action, soothes heart nerves and is hypotensive
  • Purifying on both psychic and physical levels
  • Insecticid


  • Cramps, contractions and muscles spasms
  • Rheumatism and inflammations
  • Nervous disorders: asthma, digestive cramps, nausea, migraine
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, excitement, irritability, insomnia and sleeping problems
  • High blood pressure, palpitations
  • Infectious skin diseases (burns, eczema, wounds), healing or allergic skin infections (itches, psoriasis, pruritus, eczema…)
  • Sensitive problem skins: acne, ulcers, stretch marks, rosacea
  • Insect bites


The information provided could not be considered as medical information nor engage Pacific Scents responsibility as to your usage of essential oils for yourself or anyone else. We strongly invite you to compare the information with that of authoritative experts and the opinion of health professionals

External use only

Dermal application +++
In practice: Nervous and sleeping problems, by massage at the level of the wrists and on the solar plexus
Irritations, sun burn: 1 or 2 drops EO to be applied to the affected areas

Aromatic bath +++
In practice: To help with insomnia, a few drops of essential oil of lavender in a bath

Diffusion +++
Moth repellent: 4 drops EO of lavender on a wooden block placed in wardrobes and clothes cupboards
Sleep: 2 drops EO of lavender on the pillow slip assist going to sleep.

Internal use
Helps with high blood pressure (however do not stop any medical treatment!), insomnia, anxiety, nervousness or tiredness: 2 drops in honey, diluted in a little tepid water several times a day

+: Possible usage but not recommended
++: Appropriate usage
+++: Particularly appropriate usage
EO : Essential Oil  // VO : Vegetable Oil


  • Avoid eye and mucous membranes contact.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid with pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under the age of 6 and epileptic people.
  • As a rule, test the product by applying a little in the crook of your elbow or on your wrist before using it.

Storage conditions: Keep in original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C