Savory essential Oil - Organic

Savory essential Oil - Organic

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Processing method : by steam distillation from the aerial parts of : Satureja montana L.
Family : Lamiacées
Odor : Rural, fresh and spicy
Origin : Spain

100 % pure & natural without any other additives - ORGANIC

Effective Anti-infectious


  • mycobactericide +++., Fungicide, fight against the development and the growth of bacteria, viruses and mushrooms
  • Antiparasitic, antiviral (infectious pathologies - respiratory, intestinal, urinary, vaginal …
  • Antifungal, albicans candida Against the Infections of the skin: abscess, boil, impetigo, mange, syphilis, mycosis, ulcers.
  • Immune stimulant +++:
  • Tonic and general stimulant : circulatory, digestive
  • Effective against warts


  • warts
  • malaria
  • Intestinal infections, bacterial, viral and parasitic : (turista, food poisoning, gastro-enteritis), amoebiasis
  • Severe and chronic infections, bacterial or viral of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tracheitis)
  • Urinary tract infections: cystitis
  • tuberculosis           
  • Arthritis, rheumatisms, polyarthritis
  • Cutaneous parasitic and fungal cutaneous infections (panari)
  • Hypotension

     psychic sphere: tire nervous sexual asthenia (olfaction)



    The information provided could not be considered as medical information nor engage Pacific Scents responsibility as to your usage of essential oils for yourself or anyone else. We strongly invite you to compare the information with that of authoritative experts and the opinion of health professionals

    External use only

    Dermal application ++
    In practice:

    Wart: 1ml EO savory + 1ml EO cinnamon + 1ml EO lemon + 1ml EO mandarin

    Intestinal infectionsIn frictions, compared to the concerned organ, strongly diluted in a VO

    Oral use :

    Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections  1 drop EO in a spoonful of honey 3 times a day for 5 days. 


    +: Possible usage but not recommended
    ++: Appropriate usage
    +++: Particularly appropriate usage
    EO : Essential Oil // VO : Vegetable Oil



    • Not advised during the first 3 months of pregnancy and in small children
    • Do not use pure on the skin, make a strong dilution in vegetable oil (10% EO in 90% VO). As a rule, test the product by applying a little in the crook of your elbow or on your wrist before using it, at least 48 hours prior to use.
    • Avoid eye contact.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Storage conditions: Keep in original bottle, away from air and light, at a temperature below 25C