Tea - Jinhao Golden Tip ORGANIC

  • $13.00

  • Produced in Guangxi, China
  • Package: 50g (ref 2026000)
  • Dry Tea: Well twisted strips covered in golden tips.
  • Tea Liquid: Orange-yellow in color
  • Flavor: The sweet aroma is introverted and long-lasting, with notable floral and fruity fragrance; sips come in sweet and refreshing taste, smooth and soft.
  • Caffeine scale: moderate (less than 20% of a cup of coffee)
  • Storage:  Store in airtight, opaque packaging; in cool, dry place

    This Organic Black Tea is made of mostly tea buds and tender leaves which the taste is mainly soft and sweet. The leaf is made of buds mainly, very fine length and it smells divinely good candied fruits. You may be surprised to smell the complex fruity fragrances in the dry leaves when opening the bag. The fruity flavors seem to be the one of the white grape, the peach and the mango. It also combines golden and chocolate-brown points.

    • TEMP : 194°F / 90°C
    • WHEN : DURING DAY (avoid at night)
    • BREWING : 3-5 MIN
    • QUANTITY : 7G (4 tablespoon) in 50cl
    • Can be infused 2 times : 2 / 6 minutes (185 °F / 85°C)