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Properties of Grapefruit essential oil

Essential oil

Excesses during the summer holidays, here is the essential oil you need: grapefruit essential oil is an interesting and cheap one because it is extracted from the fruit’s zest and is famous for calming bouts of bulimia and cravings. But it can also do a lot of other things and will surprise you: its chemical compounds have spectacular characteristics. Discover all the properties of grapefruit essential oil:




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Properties of grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is antiseptic (aerial) and a powerful disinfectant when diffused in the air thanks to its bactericidal and antiviral properties. It will purify the air in your home or your office while bringing a fruity and tangy odour. A truly fresh breeze…

This EO has also digestive properties and acts on the liver:

regulating the liver function and calming digestive troubles, nausea and the negative effects of the ‘morning after’ a heavy night.

Going a little away from the belly, it has also immuno-stimulant properties, a febrifuge and antispasmodic as well as a good diuretic assisting with the fight against water retention. As a result, it helps weight loss and fights cellulite.

Its astringent properties contract and stimulate the epidermal tissues, firming the skin and therefore a good choice for treating oily skins.

It can help in the treatment of hair loss.

And finally, it is active on the psyche, helping with depression while boosting concentration and acting on hunger!


Administration channels and indications for grapefruit essential oil

The information provided in this post could not be considered as medical information nor engage my responsibility
or that of the Pacific Scents blog as to your usage of essential oils for yourself or anyone else.
I strongly invite you to compare the information with that of authoritative experts and the opinion of health professionals.

All channels are permitted.

diffusionAtmospheric channel

Use it to cleanse the atmosphere, for example, a person’s sick room.
Its freshness and tangy odour will purify your home while helping you relax and boosting your concentration preparing you for quality sleep.
For its properties regarding appetite suppressing and fighting depression, it can be used in diffusion or direct olfaction use of the bottle, several times.
Beware however not to use it as a prevention product because it might result in the opposite effect: it also has the property of opening your appetite. It is thus an interesting product to fight anorexia.

Cleansing ambient air/relaxation: pour the number of drops indicated on the instructions of your diffuser.
Diffuse in periods of 30 minutes maximum.

massageSkin channel

Grapefruit essential oil is very useful in anti-cellulite synergies where it plays a role in firming the skin, also decongesting at the level of blood circulation, which makes it twice worthy. And of course, given its appetite suppressing quality one is killing three birds with the one stone (!) if it is combined with one or other diet.

Hair loss / oily hair: 1 drop in a small amount of shampoo before use.

Oily skin: 1 drop in a small amount of night cream.

internal-routeOral channel

In cooking, it will do wonders in sweet dishes. Don’t forget to dilute first in some oily substance. 2 drops for 500g of dough for pancakes or a cake for example. You can also add it to tartar sauce for fish or to flavour desserts or gingerbread.
It is also through this channel that one will benefit from its digestive and hepatic virtues (weakness or congestion of the gallbladder for example), similarly to lemon, by taking one drop after heavy meals to avoid feeling bloated.


Dangers and counter-indications of grapefruit essential oil

massageSkin application

This essential oil is irritating and skin sensitive if used pure. Dilute at 20% in a VO before any skin application (20% EO – 80% VO).
It also is sun-sensitive and therefore should not be applied before going into the sun.

Renal toxicity

Just like any other essential oil rich in monoterpene, you should not use in case of renal problems especially orally. Ingested in large doses and for a lengthy period, it presents a risk of nephrotoxicity.
In diffusion
For pregnant women over 3 months, diffusion can be used.

Allergen components

Grapefruit essential oil has a strong biochemical allergen component, its natural components can, therefore, present an allergic risk in some sensitive people: limonene, citral, linalool, geraniol
Not to be taken by pregnant women or breastfeeding and not to children under the age of eight.

Be particularly attentive to the use-by date. Citrus essential oils do not keep them beyond three years. The more they contain monoterpene, the more you need to be vigilant because the product will oxidise. Therefore, if the bottle has no use-by date, write the date of purchase on the bottle yourself to avoid accidents.
Note: as a matter of habit, it is always a good idea to test the product before using it (two drops in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours to test for any reaction). 

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